Jaroslav Plotnikov

Webinar: Bluecard EU in Germany

Webinar Bluecard


Index: Milestones


01: Self assesment

02: Diploma comparison (service of Anabin)

03: Diploma recognition (service of ZAB)

04: Resume – write, have checked

05: Optimize resume (CV)

06: Employer search passive

07: Employer search active

08: Registration at the German Consulate (for visa category D)

09: Travel insurance – choose and book

10: A Cover Letter and Other Documents for the German Consulate

11: Flight tickets and entry to Germany

12: Temporary accommodation

13: Start of work employment

14: Registration at the Citizens’ Office (Bürgeramt)

15: Health insurance (instead of travel insurance)

16: Registration for the residence permit “Bluecard EU” at the Immigration authority (Ausländerbehörde)

17: Apartment search

18: Open a bank account

19: Check and sign the rental agreement. Deposit. Subsequent contracts (electricity, gas, water, heat, garbage disposal).

20: Search for a language course and register for it

21: Apply for a German– or European settlement permit in 21/33 months (if applicable)

22: Apply for a German citizenship in 51-63 months (if applicable)

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