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Top Secret Tips while visiting Ukraine: Lviv and Kiev

Hi Tim, greetings! I am really glad if you came up here. Hopefully you can understand my East-European English 🙂

I am smiling imagining you walking over the streets in Lviv like an Caliph Stork (Harun al-Rashid). I wonder if anybody will recognize you?


If you wish more info about Lviv or Kiev (I love both cities!) Feel free to call or email me: info@yarve.com  // +4917621721579.



If you know Ukrainian acrobat Bodarenko, you’ll be probably interested to see the Les Kurbas theater. He was a playwright and theater director who used acrobatics in his plays. Also, I would highly recommend you to visit the “Libraria”. It is a hidden jazz-club with a cozy library inside. One has to know about this place to get inside, so in case you’re interested I’ll tell you the location)

Summer is not the best time for visiting, since there are not so many events in the city, however, you can feel free to go to any museum. In the museum of the European Art there are currently an exhibitions dedicated to Jan Matejko and Bruno Schultz. For modern art you can visit lots of smaller galleries around the city center (e.g. the one called “Dzyga”).

“Atlas” is the cafe, where members of Lviv-Warsaw logic school have been gathering during their scientific career. There are still some hand-written notes on the walls, which may be highly interesting for you.

Some more facts about Lviv?

For example: 
1. The city where was invented kerosene, other called petroleum, and petroleum lampe (1853, in the farmacy “Under the golden star”) 
2. The city where was born Leopold von Zacher Masoch – Austrian writer, author of novels with describes of his erotical experiences, especially satisfaction of the tortures. 
3. In Lviv University studied famous Jewish layers Rafal Lemkin (creator of terminus “genocyde”), Hersh Lauterpacht (creator of terminus “crimes against humanity”.


Lviv and Kiev cannot be compared. If the opportunity occurs, visit Kiev too. Here I post some insider tips and facts for Kiev



How about a walk around Nivki park, which is ex-residence of Nikita Khrushchev (the kind of president of USSR in 60s) and it used to be the residence of top politicians since 30s? 

Ukrainian couine: 
– Puzata Khata – «пузата хата» – local fast food chain – don’t worry about “fast food”: it’s really delicious and inexpencieve (but not cheap). Many different people to see there. Available in Lviv and Kiev.

In Kiev

– Restaurant Kanapa «Канапа» on Andreevsky Spusk. It’s delicious and gorgeous view. Prices are average, maybe a bit higher
– Restaurant Pervak «Первак», which I prefer for its Vareniki (вареники) and more good snacks. Welcome drink is trditional liquer or Gorilka with black bread covered by Speck (“Salo”, “сало”) 
– Restaurant Ostannya Barrikada «Остання Баррикада». A bit kitchy but 100% Ukrainian. Add here the delicious local food and you will not regret 🙂
– Restaurant «Chicken Kyiv”. Its speciality is legendary Kotleta po Kievski – Chicken Kiev: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicken_Kiev


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