Jaroslav Plotnikov

and My Team for Your Relocation & Finding a Job in Germany

A team of assistants specialized in fixing any problems for your job search, relocation and everyday life in Germany

Not enough time or stucking by “Doing It Yourself”?

Thinking about moving and working Germany? Or looking for a flat in Germany? Or struggling with a German red tape?

You know what to do but you don’t have enough time!


The solution: a network of reliable assistants


Our Relocation Service has the big network of people in Germany and around the world that are great at helping IT professionals with the boring stuff that can be done from anywhere.

Because we’ll have a huge network of people available to help, you never have to worry about someone flaking on you. We will take reponsibility to get your job done, whatever it may be.

Examples of our services

You don’t need to order a large “all inclusive” service package. You can split the problem into smaller pieces. Isn’t your issue in the list? Simply leave a comment (no registration needed) or just send an email.

An asterisk ( * ) means that this task will be completed by our German-speaking assistants.

Support from the very beginning:

  • Create CV – US Standard.
  • Create CV – German Standard.*
  • Letter of motivation – Template in English for any further adjustments depending on the company to which you will apply.
  • Registration on the most popular German job search portals: Monster, Stepstone, GULP*.
  • Optimization of your profile on XING and on German job search portals. Correctly publish the advertisement. Both English or German*
  • We take care of the correspondence routine and connect you with employers who are interested in your application*.
  • Legal consultation before, during and after negotiations for starting work.
  • Design a cover letter for a specific company – Advice and practical support. Both English or German.*
  • Self-evaluation – structuring your personal strengths, skills, experiences for creating your CV. Both English or German.*
  • Translation of written correspondence (e. g. with German-speaking CEO).*
  • Correctly fill in or check the documents for the German Embassy (for you / your family members traveling with you) and correct them if necessary*.
  • Correspondence or telephone calls with employees of the German consulates. Both English or German.*
  • Cheap flight tickets to Germany can be booked if necessary.

Support after you arrived in Germany:

  • Temporary accommodation with option of Anmeldung (address registration) and book if necessary.
  • Anmeldung registration form – prepare, check and correct if necessary.*
  • Interpreting by telephone during appointments in an office, at a bank, at the doctor’s office, with a house-keeper, plumber etc. *
  • Translation of official letters.*
  • Answering official correspondence – advice and practical support.*
  • Assistance in finding accommodation:
    – Create profile on the most popular accommodation search portals.*
    – Create Search Ads in order to find a flats for you.*
    – Translating correspondence with the landlord.*
  • Assistance in selecting the bank and tariff in Germany. Help with opening an account.*
  • German liability insurance – assistance with choosing of the company, tariffs and contract completion.*
  • Mobile phone providers – assistance with choosing of the company, tariffs and contract completion.*
  • Internet providers – assistance with choosing of the company, tariffs and contract completion.*
  • Schools and kindergartens in Germany – we help to find one, enroll and do all the paperwork.*
  • Registration of self-employment (freelance) – advice and practical support.*
  • Inexpencieve tax consultants / accountants – advice and practical support.*
  • Tax declaratin (Steuererlärung) – advice and practical support.*
  • Fill in tax refund forms (Steuerrückerstattung) – advice and practical support. *

and many more…


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Jaroslav Plotnikov

Founder and Producer

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