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IT Work in Germany: TABU & Mistakes in AMERICAN Resume

Which details are not allowed in American job application

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In this article you will learn the regulations and unwritten rules of “pure american” resume. This is the second part of the article IT Work in Germany: TABU & Mistakes in GERMAN Resume


Some Tabu in an American job application

Remember the American political Correctness. It plays an important role as anti-discrimination laws are very strict.

An application photo is absolutely not allowed. Don’t attach a photo, they would put your resume aside.


Further details that is also absolutely prohibited:

  • Age / date and place of birth / sex,
  • Height, weight,
  • Marital status,
  • Names and ages of the children,
  • Religious beliefs,
  • Race.

The following information is also prohibited:

  • Occupation of wife / husband,
  • Health condition,
  • Salary expectations,
  • Reasons why you quit the last job,
  • References,
  • Testimonials (references),
  • Headline “Resume”
  • Notification of your availability (available from …).


Similar to German one, there must be no gaps in the American chronological CV. How to “close the gaps”, read in TABU & Mistakes in GERMAN Resume.

If you cannot fill some time gaps in the CV, you can always create and use functional (skills) resume, there is no chronological structure there.

The downside of a functional CV is that the employer may suspect a lack of work experience or long unemployment.

The functional (skills) CV is recommended if you are relatively young as an applicant and you have no (long) work experience.


* – in Germany after primary school (Grundschule) there are four ways of further education – Gesamtschule, Gymnasium, Realschule, Hauptschule (see Wikipedia article “Education in Germany”)

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