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How to fill out the Untermietvertrag (Sublease contract)

Even if your main tenant or someone else fills out the subletting contract, isn’t it clever to know exactly what you are signing?

Download the Untermietvertrag here. And… here we go!


1: Main tenant name and 2: lodger’s (yours) name

In Germany there are two common forms to enter the name:
a) more common form, if the first name comes first followed by the family name, like this: Michael Schuhmacher.
b) rather in catalogues there is the other form, if first the family name then the first name separated by comma. The comma tells the reader which one is your family name, like this: Schumacher, Michael; Merkel, Angela; 

So, if your name might be a bit too “exotic”, I recommend to use the family name first, then the comma and then the first name.
Thus you introduce yourself in user friendly way 🙂

3:  Here comes the address, floor and type of accommodation, e. g. Hermannstr. 48,12049 Berlin, 4th floor, one room. Don’t forget to enter the exact or estimated room size (in square meters).

4: The rental agreement begins on … and ends on …

In Germany you set the date as follows: DD.MM.YYYYY

5: In simple terms, Nettomiete is the sum of basic rent and so-called kalten Betriebskosten (“cold operating costs”). If €450 is the final amount that you have agreed for a sublet of that specific room, ask for the Nettomiete. It would probably be around €370-410. This sum is therefore entered in field 5.

Strongly simplified, there are three levels of rent payment: Kaltmiete bzw. Nettomiete (“cold rent”), then the warm rent and the utilities. Tip: if you want to calculate what the apartment would cost you monthly, always ask for the rent. And add about 15% more. Then you have approximately the final amount.

6: Logically, the remaining sum of €40-80 is entered in field 6.

7: Here you also have two possible options. At the beginning of each month, you pay the full rent by bank transfer in advance. In this case the main tenant enters here his account details.

Or you can pay in cash, also at the beginning of each month in advance. In this case, write the words In Bar (“in cash”). 

Tip: Always confirm all cash payments. But really always! How it works, explained here.

8: In most cases you will also have to pay die Kaution (the deposit), usually in the amount of 2 Nettomieten. The deposit will be paid in advance as well as the rent or in cash. Remember the receipt!



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