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Relocation to Germany –  permanent residence vs. temporar residence? Come, see and decide it yourself

 With my best friends (I am in the middle). Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

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Paid service
Professional background
Core philosophy

Free service

Why do I help so much for free? Over the last 19 years of my life in Germany I have received a lot of help from different people. I guess it’s my turn now. Besides, I also enjoy helping anyone who comes to this unique country, as I did in the past, even if temporarily.


 Feel free to ask me a question.

All consultations in the initial phase are 100% free of charge and there are 0% obligations.

Paid service

Your case may be complicated. I always inform you in advance and in written form when the service would be charged. I work with other people. They are lawyers, consultants, translators, language teachers and local students. They don’t work for nothing. I hope for your understanding. I consider my work done for 1A if you are happy to open your wallet to pay my services:)

You will receive high-quality information, contacts (e. g. from lawyers or employers), professional support in situations where expertise, experience and specific language skills are required, such as filling in forms, visa rejections, unlawful behaviour of the employer or recruiter.

I ‘ll be glad to support you in finding employers in Germany (if you intend a regular work)   I ‘ll be glad to support you in finding IT Jobs (if you are freelancer).


Professional background

Since 1999 my permanent residence is in Germany. During that time I visited most of the major German cities. I have traveled the country from the very top, Flensburg to the Alps, Freiburg and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. I graduated from Universität Oldenburg. At the very beginning, in 2004 I supervised new exchange students as a tutor in my university. I registered my business in 2008. I am relocation adgent, advisor for employment- and freelance in German IT branch. My second qualification is translator for Russian and German languages. I have more 10 years of experience in both areas.

Core philosophy

Searching for information in an internet forum is contra-productive. The information there is mostly subjective and one-sided. There are enough “experts” to explain why your intention has few chances and why it will fail. Okay, there are pearls on the forums, too. But most information still can be used very limited. And the constant gossip and crap only keep you from taking real steps which need to be done. These endless chatters sink motivation and kill every hope. In a one-word, down with the Internet forums, boo!

Alright, what could you do? How should you proceed in your particular situation then?

Upfront general information some blogs can provide very well. I like to read some blogs of single blogers and organizations, such as Deutsche Welle. The blogs give you good basic knowledge. But we gotta keep moving.

Clouds of our dreams we can transform into concrete tasks. Separate processes of relocation (start phase) and adaptation (already on the spot). Write down individual steps: application, employer search, visa documents etc. Instead of spending a lot of money on the package deals offered by relocation agencies, it is worth asking the potential employer. It is quite possible that some things, such as temporary accommodation have already been organized. It is also possible that the employer can contribute to your expenses. It is not common for the German company to provide accommodation but to pay for the temporary housing instead.

Is the algorithm clear?

a) no Internet forums, applicable information is available in blogs and on official portals;

b) divide the entire process into the steps. Be smart – ask potential employers;

c) delegate the most difficult tasks to specialists. All payments should be made by invoice. It is possible that the costs may be covered in full or in part by the employer later on;

d) After a task has been completed, go on with do-it-yourself relocation process. Doing your migrations on your own – that’s so exciting!

Usually one year in a new country is enough to see life without “rosa glasses” but also without “black glasses”. A year or two in an industrially developed democratic country in the middle of Europe will help you to understand yourself and see your way better. And then we’ll see.

What next?

Next comes the beautiful future 🙂

And I’d be happy to help you along the way. Feel free to contact me anytime.

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  • 1. Tamanna (12-09-2018)

    your blog is very helpful

    • 2. JP (15-09-2018)


      Thank you very much Tamanna!