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IT work in Germany: SALARY – all industries and IT employees

Salary – how much people earn in Germany gross and net. Sources: Federal pension insurance institute Deutsche Rentenversicherung, Statista portal

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Salary all industries in Germany

According to Statista portal:

Year – gross salary (screenshot above)  – net salary (screenshot below) – of an average employee 

2017 – 2.863 – 1.893 
2016 – 2.787 – 1.847 
2015 – 2.720 – 1.805 
2014 – 2.646 – 1.760 
2013 – 2.574 – 1.716 
2012 – 2.521 – 1.684 
2011 – 2.4541.644 
2010 – 2.372 – 1.603 
2009 – 2.314 – 1.542 
2008 – 2.314 – 1.540 
2007 – 2.261 – 1.513 




According to the federal pension insurance institute Deutsche Rentenversicherung:




Salaries IT industry 


Almost 11,500 records were analyzed by Compensation Partner’s compensation specialists in Hamburg for the large payroll study for IT professionals and executives. 

Security experts 

Among the IT professionals without personnel responsibility, the security professionals earn the most with an average gross annual salary of 74,600 euros. 

SAP knowledge

SAP consultants are among the top earners with an average gross annual salary of € 72,140. 

IT consultant 

Earn an above-average salary of 68,400 euros gross per year for IT specialists without personnel responsibility. 


SAP developers earn the best with € 65,000 per year, followed by software developers in the back end (€ 58,300) and experts for user experience (€ 54.6,000). 

Mobile App developers

An average of € 56,300 gross a year. 

Network and system administrators

An average gross salary: 47,600 euros per year. 

Support staff

An average gross salary: 42,300 euros gross in the year. 


An average gross annual salary of € 37,400 in last place on the salary scale of IT professionals. 


Big companies offer better earning opportunities

While companies with more than 1,000 employees pay their IT specialists an average of 77,900 euros, IT experts in companies with less than 100 employees can only expect 49,700 euros. 

In Frankfurt am Main:  IT professionals earn 21.4 percent better than the national average, which is achieved in Hamburg (60,500 euros).  In Munich: IT professionals earn 20% more than the national average high earning potential, but also high rents and other living costs. 


A degree program 

The best reward will be a doctorate (75,900 euros) and a university diploma (72,700 euros). The Master (60.800 Euro) has not yet reached the level of the diploma, which is due to the lower age of the Masters holders. The figures are not starting salaries, but income that can be achieved on average with the respective degree.  

With a bachelor’s degree young professionals come to an average of 53,300 euros per year. 

With increasing work experience the salary rises as well: In the first three years after starting work, IT specialists can count on 42,100 euros, after seven years it is 54,000 euros and after more than ten years 66,300 euros. 

Source: Computerwoche.de

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