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IT Freelance in Germany: private health insurance – price overview

What does private health insurance (PKV) cost? You’ll know in 30 seconds. Read more…

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This article is made for the freelancers and for sole proprietors who intend to run their freelance / business in Germany.

As you probably know, insurance is compulsory in Germany –  everyone must have health insurance.

If you want to work full-time as a self-employed person in Germany, you need a private health insurance (PKV). And this insurance can be expensive. This is why it is worth making a rough estimate of the insurance rates in advance.

To my opinion, many insurance comparisons have a common problem: they want your contact details. It’s not unusual today, but I personally don’t like this compulsion. Who likes that: “only in return of your contact details we will send an insurance overview”?

However, there are alternatives: one of them is the comparison portal check24.de  – you get an immediate overview of insurance companies and its packages. And you can leave the contact details only if you wish.

So, let’s go tocheck24.de/krankenversicherung/     

The site is in English but don’t worry, I explain all the steps. Of course, you can have the page translated into English (right click in your chrome browser).


So, first you click private Krankenversicherung. Vergleichen.

Then select the “Selbständige/Freiberufler”.

Your age is important because the insurance fee is calculated according to age.

Let’s choose the Basic tariff (minimale Leistungen) for the beginning. So, now check the box that the first information has been taken note of and click on “Jetzt vergleichen” once.



Voila! Here is the packages overview. See screenshot above, at the very beginning.

Figure 1

For the beginning we leave the Basic tariff

Figure 2

Here is something important: the excess! Excess (Selbstbeteiligung) is the amount paid out of your pocket at a medical procedure and not paid back by the insurance company.

You can choose the excess 0 Euro. Then your insurance pays 100% of the cost of medical procedures. However the less the excess the higher your monthly fees.

Figure 3

If you would like more information about a certain package, click on Angebot. Now you can fill in the contact form (screenshot below): the salutation, your first name and last name, your mobile number and the e-mail.

                      Original German version                                                 English version translated by Chrome (right click) 


Click on unverbindliches Angebotand you will receive an offer Free and without obligation (kostenfrei und unverbindlich).

That’s it! Any questions? Feel free to share your thoughts or to ask a question below.



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