Jaroslav Plotnikov


What I am doing now?

I’m looking for new ways to support worldwide IT professionals to come to Germany to live, to work and/or make freelance / business.

I’m building a friendly and reliable Migration-Service: MIGWORK (MIG stays for Migration)

There are a bunch of companies giving to programmers tools saying “here is a tool you can use to contact your employer, here is a tool you can use to find a job in a foreign country”, but nobody ever says “we’ll do it for you.”

So MigWork will be a big network of assistants that help programmers and then just one thin layer of management that knows how to take programmers’ needs and turn them into specific tasks. So that a programmer could contact us and say something as vague as “yo, help me to find a flat in Berlin for next two years”, and we’ll know how to transfer that into, say, a series of 30 very specific tasks, that as long as they give us their approval, then we can hire our assistants to do those tasks. So it’s really a company full of assistants for programmers.

Initial notes about Migwork: https://jaroslavplotnikov.com/team/

Berlin, September 1, 2018


PS:  Special thanks to Derek Sivers! For the knowledge and power, which he generously shares! By the way, NOW page is one of Derek’s projects. How about to create a NOW page at your website?