Jaroslav Plotnikov


What I am doing now?

Today is my birthday, but I don’t celebrate it this time.  I decided to learn to code and this takes always all my time.

I started with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Why? There are two main reasons:

First reason:  I am to going build my Applications by myself – according to my vision and purpose to help my customers.

Second reason: I will have a developer qualification, to be able to work online worldwide if my business is growing to slow.


The business I wanna grow up:

I’m looking for new ways to help IT professionals to relocate to Germany, and find a work here.

Our team of trained assistants, called MIGWORK  will help you with any difficult steps on the way to Germany. And after arrival, too.

(MIG stays for Migration)

There are a bunch of companies giving to programmers tools saying “here is a tool you can use to contact your employer, here is an article you can read in order to find a job in a foreign country”, but nobody ever says “we’ll do it for you.”

So MIGWORK is going to be a big network of assistants that help programmers and then just one thin layer of management that knows how to take programmers’ needs and turn them into specific tasks.

A programmer could contact MIGWORK and say something as vague as “yo, help me to find a flat in Berlin for next two years”, and we’ll know how to transfer that into, say, a series of 30 very specific tasks, that as long as they give us their approval, then we hire our assistants to do those tasks. So it’s really a company full of assistants for programmers.

Initial notes about Migwork: https://jaroslavplotnikov.com/team/

Berlin, April 23, 2019


PS:  Special thanks to Derek Sivers! For the knowledge and power, which he generously shares! By the way, NOW page is one of Derek’s projects. How about to create a NOW page at your website?