Jaroslav Plotnikov

Manu – Soft I use

Apps in bold to be installed first

OS Linux Kubuntu 16.04


Eliminate instant messenger icon. Add to panel in this order: Chromium, Opera, Filezilla, Clipboard, Skype, Telegram, Linux terminal (Console), Anki.


Buttons and rulers – 3D Mac style as in OS Lion (s.picture right).

Essential are two elements: A blue scrollbox and a “street lights” 3D red-yellow-green buttons. I wish to have these 2 elements integrated in my current Kubuntu Theme.


Disable “KDE Wallet Service” aka de5 or kde wallet (s. the picture above)make this application do not appear at all, eliminate it permanently.

If you experience difficulties, say by installing skype – spend maximum 10 minutes, then just go over to other things to do, try to install it again in the very end. Spend again max. 10 minutes, include it in your report. The report place in comments below.

Install aplications in the same order they are given below.


Energy settings

On AC Power:

dim screen:  disabled, screen energy Saving: disabled.

On battery:

dim screen after 10 minutes, screen energy Saving: disabled. Suspend session: after 16 minutes – suspend. Even when external monitor is connected: enable. When power button pressed: Shutdown

On low battery:

Dim screen: after 1 minute, Screen Energz Saving: switch off after 2 minutes. Suspend session: after 5 min.

Button events handling: when laptop lid closed – shutdown. Even when external monitor is connected: enable. When power button pressed: Shutdown

Input devices: Keyboard:

Keyboard model: Apple – Apple Laptop.

Layouts: show flag. Switching policy ??????????????????

Configure layouts:

us – English (US)

ru – Russian Macintosh, Shortcut

de – German – German Macintosh

Configure keyboard options: Advanced: Change Layout by: Left Ctrl + Left Shift.

Browser and Internet

  • Chromium (if not possible, then Chrom)
  • Opera
  • Filezilla
  • Tor browser


  • Skype
  • Thunderbird – $ sudo apt-get install thunderbird
  • Telegram


Data storage

Install them but not synchrinize them

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive 
  • Yandex Disc
  • Mega


Read and Learn

  • Evince Document viewer
  • Anki – sudo apt-get install anki
  • Kindle
  • Acrobat





  • Clipper? CopyQ? Clipboard – set 40 units to memorize
  • Shutter
  • Kazam
  • Skype recorder



  • GNOME MPlayer
  • VLC
  • Videos



After you are done please make backup of settings. Name it: yarve-kubuntu-backup-DDMMYY.iso

For example: Backup done on 1. June 2019 will be saved as yarve-kubuntu-backup-010719.iso