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Manual – How to reply on client’s request

Manual – How to reply on client’s request




Request WITHOUT attached CV

A candidate* sends a request, say like this:

Hi, I am on a Blaue Karte visa, living in Hanau and actively looking for a new job position close skills-wise and geographically to me. In the attached file you can find my resume, and I would appreciate if you could tell me the price for its correction. Regards, Nik

Step 1: email “1. Touch”

Hi Nik ((always apply with a the name)),

thanks for reaching out. I like that your email was written in English – based on my experience is a good sign ))  ((For Russian-Speakers only))

I am pleased that you trust me to review your resume. However I would recommend our “resume guru” Wendy, because has a great experience in US and German employer market.

I hope you like our prices and I am pretty sure you will like the quality of your resume optimisation.


Here what she wrote me about your issue: “I will restructure the Nik’s resume perfectly but I need 3 days to deliver the order. Thanks”

So feel free to fill this form http://jaroslavplotnikov.com/data/ . Write in Notes CV for Wendy

Alternatively you can just send me an email at info@yarve.com

Kind regards



Step 2: ask contractor Wendy via Fiverr

Dear Wendy, there is one more candidate for resume improvement – Nik Sonin. Can you please review attached file? If you think you could correct his resume please make me an offer. If it is not possible, could you please explain which additional information should I provide? Thanks in advance! Jaroslav


Step 3: email “2. Touch”

Hi Nik,

Wendy already quickly reviewed your resume, so just fill the form at http://jaroslavplotnikov.com/data/ and write in Notes : CV for Wendy

That will be enough.

Please send the payment in Euro via bank transfer (details below) or via Paypal at yafalin@gmail.com

Payment purpose “Resume optimization”

Feel free to tell or ask me anything related to your employment and arrangement of your life in Germany.

Regards, Jaroslav


Step 4:  wait for the money from the client, then order via Fiverr

Hi Wendy,
thanks for your offer. Please name the deliverable as cv-sonin.doc and cv-sonin.pdf. Optional: a word document where one can see your improvements highlighted in red.
Feel free to ask or tell me anything related to this job.


Step 5: email 3.touch (the Confirmation)

Hi Nikolay,

here is the confirmation – your payment of €15 is complete. I or someone of my colleagues will contact you as soon as your issue is complete.

Kind regards



Request WITH attached CV

Hello Mr. Jaroslav,
Ref to our chat in Xing i have attach my CV and cover letter for your reference please have a look and share you review on the same.
I want to move Germany soon hence i need you guidance and help as well.

Attachemnts: CV and Coverletter


Step 1: email “1. Touch”

G’day Deepack,((always apply with a the name)),

thanks for your trust and for the documents you sent. From the first site I would say the CV does not match the epectations of German employers.

What you could do:

1) read the following articles and adjust your resumee.
TABU & Mistakes in GERMAN Resume
The check list for your CV
More info: https://jaroslavplotnikov.com/article/

2) Google the keyword “Bewerbungsphoto”, go to the good photo studio, show the picture-results by Google and tell him to picture you in the same way.

3) Alternatively you can ask our resume professional Wendy to check and improve your CV (and a cover letter if you wish) https://jaroslavplotnikov.com/a-wendy/

Feel free to ask or tell me anything related to your job search, relocation and life in Germany for you and your family. All my advice are free and there is no obligation. I always announce in advance if there is any payed service.

Kind regards
Jaroslav aka JP