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Manu- Email and communication policy of Migwork workers


I created these (and other) regulations with one purpose only: to have one regulations which applies to everybody in Migwork in the same way. I intend to increase productivity and to reduce time spend for the all processes. It allows to reach more, make our clients happier and your working process more satisfied and efficiet.


How to contact Jaroslav (aka JP aka Yarve)

I am not a multitasking talent so please understand that I need the solitude for many hours daily. 

Due to high workload, I am currently checking and responding to e-mail twice daily at 12: 00 P.M. and 4: 00 P.M. Berlin time or in a timezone of my current location.

If you require urgent reply  that cannot wait until either 12: 00 P.M. or 4: 00 P.M., (ensure if it is urgent) please contact me via phone (SMS or call) at +49-159-03072498.

I answer all emails, even if you just say “hello”. However it is more effficient if you write in the very first email the list of your questions, clearly explain me your offer, an so on

Contact me in the first time? Please introduce yourself and tell me how did you get my contacts (Web search, social networks, friend’s recommendation?). Have we ever met before?

Please note that I don’t use Whatsapp and Viber. I check my social media messages seldom – once a week (Saturdays) so please write me an email.

Thank you for understanding this move to more efficiency and effectiveness. It helps me accomplish more to serve you better.
Jaroslav aka JP aka Yarve

Straight and simple communication

1: Punctuality

Timezone by default – German time. If we agreed to meet in certain time, please appear on time. The worst thing is if you are late and disappear. Warn me if you are going to be late. If we agreed in Skype, warn me via Skype. If in Telegram, warn me there. If there is no internet, send me an SMS at +4915903072498. (Save this number right now please).

2: Accuracy

I try to keep my word and be as exactly as possible. I also expect it from you. If we agreed that you call me via skype, just call me. Don’t send the chat message. Don’t look if I seem to be offline. If we agreed that you call, then CALL!

2: Priorities 

I always try to list things in priority order. I know it not always possible. Sometimes it happens that later you understand that your previous priority ranking was wrong. Inspite of that I ask you to proceed according to the list.

Example: “Call me via mobile phone, skype, telegram” So please try to reach me first of all via mobile phone. If it fails then via skype. If it fais again then via telegram. In this order.

3: Avoid repetitions

Please try not to tell me things several time. You can repeat something by chance, it’s okay. But I don’t want to read reports, explainations or questions which I already read, understood and replied. I also don’t like to repeat. So please answer all my questions and give your statement to every issue in my requests. Even if you don’t know, I would appreciate if you reply like “I have not enough information / not decided yet but I will update you until Saturday161218.* 

4: Communication via one email channel only

Please used your Migwork mailboxes. Don’t send on several email adresses until you are asked to. By default send back to the adress where you have the email from. If you have got the email frominfo@migwork.com, send your reply back ti info@migwork.com. By the way, info@migwork.com is the #1 email address. If you hesitate, always give this address by default.

If you have a personal issue to me, JP aka Jaroslav, email me at slav@migwork.com This address is for my eyes only.

* – European Standard DD.MM.YYYY. My own “shortcut” is DDMMYY withou dots. E.g. 161218 = December 16, 2018

Subject of your email

Please write an informative subject line for all emails.  This is critical important.

On the screenshot above to understand how time consuming to find the certain information when most of the emails have the same subject.

As long as the topic is the same use “reply” funktion. Please change the subject line as soon as there is another topic.

On the screenshot below you see how easy to navigate between emails when the subject changes as soon as the topic changes too. 

If you ‘ve found grammatical mistakes or any kind of emprovements to the text above feel free to write me an email at info@yarve com or share your thoughts below. 

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