Jaroslav Plotnikov


SAMPLES – How to write and reply to emails




Invitation of a new worker

Subject:  Invitation to Migwork team

Hi Name,

I remember you as reliable, polite, fast working Mailchimp specialist.

I am working on creation of Migwork – a remote assistance for those professionals who wanna migrate to Germany.

Are you interested tio join our team? In the moment I handle the h=whole job alone. But the amount of work is increasing so I started to build a team without to wait for the critical work overload. It means that your work amount will increase slowly. And as every worker you will be trained first.

Short description is here: https://jaroslavplotnikov.com/team/

If you are interested to try, please send your self description (good example is Sneha) and an awesome portrait photo, like from Mika or Diana see here: https://migwork.com/

There is to “free trial” you will be paid for every job/working hour. So please write me your hourly rate and payment conditions. Paypal?

Kind regards




New Email address – notify a worker of his personal e-mail address

Subject: Your personal webmail @migwork

Attachments: migwork-email-sneha.png and tut-migwork-email-thunderbird-integration.mp4


Dear Sneha, congratulations!

You have your personal email. Access see from https://migwork.com/

Access data see attached PNG.

My recommendation: Install Thunderbird Mailclient (Windows/Mac/Linux).

Hopefully the attached videotutorial will be helpful. Remember to enter your Password (keep it safe as PNG) and chose IMAP while automatic configuration.

Feel free to ask or tell me anything.

Kind regards


Here is our basic address . Give it to anyone by default.

Here is my personal Address. It is for my eyes only. Noone else.

((Your Name and Position))