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LINKS and STANDARTS. Was tun wenn der Artikel fertig ist. 



  • Optimisation procedure
  • Article title
  • Text formatting


How about figures from screenshots in text? Bold? Red? With a colon?

Optimisation procedure

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Article title

IT Arbeit in Deutschland: /  ИТ работа в Германии / IT Work in Germany:

IT Freelance in Deutschland: / ИТ фриланс в Германии: / IT Freelance in Germany:

IT Job Searching in Germany: how to write letter of application – PART 1

IT Job Searching in Germany: Cover letter – сопроводительное письмо – ЧАСТЬ 1


Text formatting


on the end of an paragraph (NO MORE AT BOTTOM!)

* – Переводы и объяснения немецких терминов и сокращений см. также вГЛОССАРИИ

* – Explanations of German terms you’ll find inGLOSSARY.



Picture in the beginning Width ideally 1024

In text mention the picture like this: (Figure 3).

Credits: Picture: IHK München Maroon, 8 in the middle

Picture: Jaroslav Plotnikov

Number of picture – Maroon, 10 left corner: Figure 1 / Screenshot 1 , Abbildung 1 / Screenshot 1, Иллюстрация 1 / Скриншот 1



In Russian mirror: Read in ENGLISH NEW STANDARD: Round flag 50×50

In English mirror: Read in Russian – ПО-РУССКИ NEW STANDARD: Round flag 50×50



Example, for example – e.g.

And so on – etc.

That means, i.e. (id est) то есть

Auflistung von Formulierungen: Bullits, Font 10, Kursiv. Example:

  • A challenging opportunity as Senior Programmer utilizing hands-on expertise in IDMS applications development.
  • To obtain a position in which I can utilize my work experience and education.
  • A challenging position in Sales/Credit Management.
  • A challenging position as a computer programmer or analyst, requiring Skills in business, accounting and supervision of others.

Titles in the article

Don’t use Doppelpunkt in cases like this Email 1  /  What can you do better

Percent %

English style guides prescribe writing the number and percent sign without any space between.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] However, the International System of Units and ISO 31-0 standard prescribe a space between the number and percent sign,[8][9][10] in line with the general practice of using a non-breaking space between a numerical value and its corresponding unit of measurement.

Завершение статьи

Конец текста. Пробел. Мое мнение или призыв к действию. пробел. Подчеркивающая линия. Сноски в виде звездочек, сразу под заключительной чертой, черным шрифтом 10 кегль:


* – скорее всего твои заказчики тоже будут заинтересованы, чтобы ты группировал счета и выставлял их единожды в месяц.



Starting_a_business_in_Berlin.pdf (https://www.ihk-berlin.de/Service-und-Beratung/Existenzgruendung/Orientierungsphase/Gruendungsbroschuere/2264188) – black, 8


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See: http://jaroslavplotnikov.com/articles/freelance-faq/#fri

Copy & share: jaroslavplotnikov.com/letter Paragraph 24/14, Bold! 


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