Jaroslav Plotnikov


Hi there,


I am migration advisor, relocator and recruiter living in Germany, my name is Jaroslav Plotnikov.

Here is more information about my services. Here is some basic infos about me.

I am looking for a remote helpers: programmer, designer, proof-reader, social media manager (especially for Youtube), linux administrator.


Actual Jobs

Online research specialist needed

One time job


I need to find out 2-5 ways to get a credit for Indian citizensens. What are the best 2-4 ways for an Indian citizen to get a credit equivalent to €10,000 ?

I expect a report as .docx or .txt document up to 500 words with the list of 2-4 possible legal ways to get such a credit for private persons living in India.

The credit purpose: to put this amount on blocked bank account in Germany in order to get a German national visa for Study.

The report should describe different ways of getting such credit (or different kinds of institutions that offer such credits), prerequisites, loan repayment terms, interest rates.

Any additional useful information which I didn’t mention but which were good to know, would be very appreciated.

It would be nice (but not a must) if you add your personal opinion in the end – advantages and disadvantages of every option listed.

If possible, please attach a fragment of similar report you have done before (first page is enough).

Please send me your bid as well (fixed amount).

Thanks in advance!
Jaroslav Plotnikov

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JavaScript and CSS Tutor needed

For this job I prefer to get help from Russian speaking contractors. Hence the job details are in Russian:

Я уже пару недель самостоятельно изучаю и поскольку я новичок не работает практицки никакой код, который я сам пишу. Подозреваю, что ошибки у меня самые примитивные, базовые так сказать. Я в курсе что девелоперам приходится постоянно и много разыскивать решения проблем в Гугле. Но трудностей по крайней мере на сегодняшний день настолъко много что я готов оплачивать почасовую помощь по разяснению моих ашипок.

Формат работы через скайп “поделиться экраном”. Feel free to ask or tell anything in Comments below (no registration needed)


Mac & Linux Specialist needed

I need some support for the reinstallation Linux parallel to Mac OS on my Mac Air


On my Mac (details below) 2 OS installed – High Sierra and Ubuntu 16.04 .

Now I intend to install Kubuntu 16.04 instead of Ubuntu 16.04.

The booting flash drive with 64-bit Kubuntu 16.04 is ready. The process of installing the Linux is familiar to me. Under the supervision of a specialist I have done it repeatedly.

The main help will be needed in 2 aspects:
1: installing the multiloader (so that when I turn on the notebook I can always choose the operating system in which I want to work).
2: While splitting the partitions (at the moment 3 sectors are allocated – for Mac, Linux and so called DATA sector for storing data available to both of them) But the allocation was underoptimal – too little disc space for Mac and Linux 🙁

Your job: Supervision and providing some hints during the installation of Kubuntu 16.04 – allocation of partitions, multi loader installation on Linux.

Please contact me only if you are familiar with this specific problem and you have successfully solved it.

Format of work: we work via Team Viewer, communicating by voice via Skype (Swelldive) or Telegram (+49 159 03072498). When we cannot use Teamviewer is impossible, a webcam on my iPhone will allow you to see what is happening in my laptop.

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Specification: MacBook Air (11-inch, Mid 2012), Processor 2 GHz Intel Core i7, Memory 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3. Startup Disk MacOS, Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB. MacOS High Sierra Version 10.13.6 (17G6030).


The same job – described in Russian:

На моем Маке (детали ниже) установлены 2 ОС – High Sierra и Ubuntu 16.04 .
Загрузочная флешка c 64-битной кубунтой 16.04 готова. Процесс установки линукса мне знаком. Под наблюдением специалиста я делал это неоднократно.

Основная помощь потребуется в 2х моментах:
1: при установке мультизагрузчика (чтобы при включении ноутбука я вседа мог выбрать ОС в которой хочу работать).
2: при разбивки партиций (в данный момент выделено 3 сектора – для мака. линукса и так наз. сектор DATA для хранения данных доступных этим обеим ОС) Но распределение неудачно – на мак и линукс выделено слишком мало места.

ТЗ: Подсказки во время установки Kubuntu 16.04 : разбивка партиций, установка мультизагрузчика.

Просьба обращаться, если проблема вам знакома и вы ее успешно решили.

Формат работы: работаем через Team Viewer, общаясь голосом по скайпу или телеграму. Когда TV невозможно, вебкамера на моем айфоне позволит вам увидеть происходящее в моем ноуте.

В первом же сообщение было бы здорово прочитать ваши вопросы – какая информация вам от меня потребуется для решения этой задачки 🙂

PS: Железо и софт: MacBook Air (11-inch, Mid 2012), Processor 2 GHz Intel Core i7, Memory 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3. Startup Disk MacOS, Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB. MacOS High Sierra Version 10.13.6 (17G6030).

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HTML and CSS Specialist needed

I need someone who can write a stylesheet for the landing page. Layout is below. PSD can be provided.


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Virtual Assistance needed

This job posted on Upwork: https://www.upwork.com/ab/applicants/1111237332961312768/job-details

I am looking for reliable support agents, who give my customers the basic information about the services of my startup called Migwork.com (Scroll down HERE until ” Examples of our services”).

Communicate with the customers written (via Email) and verbal (via Skype and Telegram).

What will be expected on this position? Two things:

1: Regular activities:
You reply to emails and phonecalls of the prospects (we call them Candidates) and give them some information. All repeating activities you have to execute, will be explained in the manual.

2: Unregular activities:
Virtual assistance tasks like book a flight or a hotel, find a technician to fix some problems in my computer or on the website, call and book an appointment in the embassy and so on.

So please send me your hourly rate for the future work (part time, up to 20 hours per week in the initial phase)


I wish you solve the following challenge: help me to restore our Skype account.

Our skype account (ID: MIGWORK) is after entering several false passwords was closed. The skype support which I reach per phone promised to solve this issue. But this issue wasn’t solved – I still cannot log in.

The assignment is successfully done if I can login into MIGWORK.

If you wish this test assignment to be payed, write me your fixed price please.

Please send me TO-DO list – what approaches and particular steps you would take to solve this Skype-issue?


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WordPress Profi Russianspeaking needed

ТЗ:  восстановить русские статьи, внешний вид и домашнюю страницу сайта jaroslavplotnikov.com

Предистория вкратце:

Сайт jaroslavplotnikov.com (далее jp.com) был создан в марте 2017. Тема: lotus

За основу был взят блог Дерека Сиверса (с разрешения Дерека): sivers.org / code.sivers.org/db-api/sivers/

Внешний вид см. ниже:

Jp.com – сайт двуязычный – на английском и русском. Большинство русских страниц лежат в директории /articles/ Например статья про немецкой статья про дефицитные профессии:

на английском: jaroslavplotnikov.com/list/

на русском: jaroslavplotnikov.com/articles/list/



не показывается домашняя страница английская и русская (.com/en und .com/ru). Немецкая домашняя https://jaroslavplotnikov.com/de  показывается но там практически ничего нет, у меня статьи на английском и на русском.

Интересно, что и англ и русск домашние показываются в редакторе но не пользователям.

Englischer Homepage Editor: https://jaroslavplotnikov.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=1989&action=edit
Russischer Homepage Editor:   https://jaroslavplotnikov.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=8067&action=edit

Также не показываются все русскоязычные статьи, посты и книги. Но оглавление показывается .com/articlez


Категории “статьи”, “блог-посты”, “книги” (см. скриншот ниже) были созданы на вордпрессе. Этих категорий на оригинальном сайте Дерека Сиверса отсутствуют.

Уточнение: “статьи” .com/articles/ это по теме переезда и поиска работы для программистов в Германии, “блог посты” .com/blog/ это мои рассказики на отвлеченные темы, а   .com/books рецензии на книги которые я рекомендую.


Если требуется дополнительная информация напишите внизу в комментариях или на почту info@yarve.com

Feel free to ask or tell anything in Comments below (no registration needed)



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Thunderbird specialist needed

I have two OS – Linux and Mac. On both I installed Thunderbird (TB) My first hosting provider was Strato. When I left Strato, they didn’t give me my emails database. But I saved my emaildatabase as thundurbird archive file (3,66 Gib). My second hosting provider  was domainfachtory (DF). Theyy were not secure enough and in the moment I moved to the hosting provider Siteground (SG).

Here is the result I wanna achieve:

I wish to have have all my emails in my thinderbird email client. Please send me your bid. Thanks! Jaroslav



Заранее извиняюсь за непрофессиональный язык, постараюсь выражаться как можно проще.
У меня 2 OS – Linux , Mac. В обеих установлен Thunderbird (TБ)
Раньше я пользовался хостинг провайдером Strato. Когда я от него ушел, имейл-база на сервере не сохранилась. Но я сохранил базу имейлов Strаto в виде архива сделанного с помощью thunderbird. Затем я пользовался хостинг провайдером Domainfactory (ДФ). Он оказался плохим и я перешел к провайдеру siteground (СГ).

ТЗ: Задание считается законченным по выполнению следующих шагов:
Шаг 1: Сохранить базу имейлов ДФ (она у меня сейчас на ТБ и возможно, осталась на ДФ)
Шаг 2: Изменить на ТБ настройки доступа (выставить новые – от провайдера СГ)
Шаг 3: Добавить на ТБ все имеющиеся базы имейлов (от Strato и от ДФ)

Если я все же неясно что то прописал или возникли любые сомнения, жду ваших вопросов.
С уважением

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Webinar assistant needed

I’d like to create and regularly give webinars about relocation to Germany. I learned some basics about webinars but it was years ago. I have some webinar staff in Russian: https://jaroslavplotnikov.com/webinar-business/ Next one (in the moment under construction) will be in English.

Ideally it should be webinars which will be active in the certain day and time (let’s say every Saturday from 3 to 4 PM German time).

This seminars will be recordered and should look like I am talking live. It allows me to run 3 seminars in the same time. I am however will be online just for the answering all questions from the audiences of those 3 various seminars in the real time.

Who can help me to prepare and adjust all things to be done? What are my first three steps?

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Customer Service & Customer Phone Support specialist needed


I am building a migration service Migwork. I am looking for reliable support agents, who give my customers the basic information and sell our Migwork-services (scroll down until ” Examples of our services”)

Communicate with the customers written (via Email) and verbal (via messaging services).

Write your payment conditions (per customer or per hour), week days and times when you are available to receive and answer the calls. Note that Migworks’s open hours are from 8am till 8pm German time. But I dont expect you to be available for that whole time span. Just give me 4-5 hours time span and the weekdays.

As a coverletter please send me a link to 1-3 minutes “cover videoletter”. Play as if you replying to someone named JP who sent you a job seeking request. Imagine that JP sent an extremely poor resume and you wanna animate him to hire our resume specialist Wendy  (http://jaroslavplotnikov.com/a-wendy/)  to optimize his resume for Germany.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Feel free to ask or tell anything in Comments below (no registration needed)

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Italian background would be an asset but not a must. The original of this script is in Italian. If you have Italian background feel free to read the original script

What to do: proofread of the German text WONDERSPOT_DE.docx ( under 500 words, s. attachment)

Deliverable: please name it wonderspot-de-1.docx

This German script will be used to create the part 3 of a story of one Clown (his artist-name is “Wonder”). It is important that you understand the background: There were a Clown named “Wonder”, who were professionally working for ANY paying customers. One day an inner crisis began and the Wonder went psycho (it will be the part 4) BUT the part 3 tells us the story from the “earlier years”, when Wonder was on the peak of his professional carreer.

Feel free to watch part 1 – “die Bank” and part 2 – “die Tankstelle” (scroll down a little bit) Both films are 2 minutes each.


Feel free to ask or tell anything in Comments below (no registration needed) or directly on FIVERR.com

Kind regards,

Jaroslav Plotnikov (the performer)



Translation into English needed

139 words

Questo mi piace: essere me stesso.
Mi piace essere notato, distinguermi.
Mi piace far star bene le persone.
Mi piace farle ridere.
Mi piace essere me stesso
perché mi fa sentire unico e libero.
Non mi faccio affibiare una maschera
dietro cui nascondere la mia vera natura.
Non sono un burattino.
Non possono dirmi cosa pensare,
come vestire, cosa mangiare.
Decido io dove andare
non sono una pecora.
Non mi piace essere ignorato.
Meglio mal giudicato che non essere preso in considerazione.
Il segreto é conoscere se stessi,
non imitare gli altri.
Non mi nascondo, metto fuori il meglio di me.
A questo mondo,
essere originali
é essere se stessi.


113 words

Hey Clown…non ridi piú?…hey!Non c’é molto da ridere.
Cosa c’é?
Non lo vedi? Non c’é piú benzina.
E allora? puoi prenderla altrove.
Tu non capisci! Qui prima c’era la vita. C’erano le famiglie a fare
benzina. C’erano i motociclisti che si fermavano lungo il viaggio. Ma
non solo. C’erano i ciclisti che venivano a riempire le bottiglie
molotov, e ogni genere di pedone, funambolo, sputafuoco e chiunque altro
volesse giocare con il fuoco…e tutti potevano fare benzina da sé.
ma questo succede anche altrove
altrove non sará mai qui!…come si fa a restare se stessi se tutto
intorno cambia?
…lo sai come si fa, c’é un’ unica soluzione.

Can YOU do this job?

Feel free to ask or tell anything in Comments below (no registration needed)



English voiceover needed

What I need: Recruiter questions spoken and recordered by you in delivered as mp3

Your challenge: doing the voiceover remember that are in the role of recruiter / HR working for a German software company. Or maybe you are CEO  of small technological startup, calling the applicant.

Questions: https://jaroslavplotnikov.com/hr-questions/

The idea behind: I decided to create a list of questions recordered by male and female voices. It will be played in random order and international job applicants can train to deal with questions on interviews.

If you can do that, which addidtional information do you need? Feel free to ask ot tell me anything about this job in comments below or per email at info@yarve.com

Thanks, Jaroslav

Feel free to ask or tell anything in Comments below (no registration needed)


eBook cover designer needed

Deliverable: an eBook Cover in 4 following views:

Front (as shown in a screenshot 89-Buch)
Front and back with checklists (as shown in a 89cover&checklists.png)
3D (as shown in 89cover&4books.png)

The “89-checklists” is just an example (https://89checklisten.de/a1zy)
The front cover will have a picture similar to ebook-holders-example.png

The book isn’t published. So your design must not be perfect. After this job is ready and you got paid I maybe ask you to edit or even create a new design. This will be payed extra of course.

IMAGES for the front cover – similar to this one: https://bit.ly/2MojA74 OR that one: https://bit.ly/2sDOS0s

Text on the front cover:
EU Blue Card Germany
How an IT professional from any country can get an EU Blue Card, in order to work and live in Germany
39 screenshots + 19 Checklists inside

Text on the book spine: Jaroslav Plotnikov  EU Blue Card Germany

Text on the back cover:

How to use this guide – statistics, facts, questions

PART 1 – Facts and figures
Economic situation in Germany
How much demand is there for IT occupations in Germany?
In which regions of Germany are there more opportunities?
How an IT specialist can get to Germany – three Visa Types
How all these facts and numbers applies to you?
Self-test – In 10 minutes you will know if your degree is recognised in Germany

PART 2 – Bluecard the straight way
Go Germany with a employment contract or with just a job offer
German Consulate. Getting a visa
Big jump. What to remember before leaving your country

PART 3 – In Germany
Necessary steps after arrival
Optional steps after arrival
Apartment search

PART 4 – Visa for the job search
Entry without a German job offer – with the  visa for job search.
The employer’s point of view
Why do I get rejection(s)?
Mimicry – look like locals

PART 5 – Job search
Passive and active job search
Interview. How to prepare yourself.
First Interview. Trap questions
What to expect on the second and third interviews
Job contract – what to be aware of

Family reunification
How your spouse and children can follow
What’s next? Permanent residence, citizenship, moving forwards

Book and resources

About the author


LANDING Page needed!

I wanna build a landing page on jaroslavplotnikov.com/hr-questions-download It will be connected to Mailchimp. I need to keep track of:

  • Number of visits of this landing Page
  • Number of downloads
  • Number of users who opted for “Send Me my PDF copy only”
  • Number of users who opted for both: “Send Me my PDF copy only” and “Sign up for our announce list”.


A visitor can download the ZIP file immediately (13) Those who want to have the full transcript PDF, need to fill two fields (Name and Email) then click on submit (18). This button must be big enough so that I can change the “submit” say to “subscribe”. Checkboxes 15 and 17 are set both by default. User can uncheck number 17.

Double Opt-In follows: after the clicking “submit” the user sees something like:

One more step please! Check your mailbox. Open the email from MIGWORK, click on the confirmation link and get your PDF copy. That’s it 🙂

In the email you can leave the standard text or edit it a bit. After the user click on the confirmation link he will be forwarded to the Thank-you-page with the following text:

Thank you! I wish lots of Goodluck in your Job Search! Feel free to CONTACT ME ((Hyperlink to https://jaroslavplotnikov.com/contacts/)) anytime.
aka Jaroslav Plotnikov

These subscribers will be saved on the Mailchimp List “HR Questions Subscribers”.

Content (use the similar fonts as on my screenshot or as here: http://jumpstartcc.com )

2: Foto: Bewerbung.com
5: This Interview Questions Trainer is brought to you by maker of MIGWORK. Jaroslav Plotnikov Privacy Policy
6: If you’re looking for a Job in Germany think of your past exams.
7: How good it feels if you know what they gonna ask you!
8: These Interview Questions were selected on the websites of German recruitment companies and translated into English.
9: Your future Job Interviws are perfectly imitated in this audio:
10: voiced by a British recruiter  voiced by an American headhunter  voiced by a German HR manager
11: User Guide: 1) Download a playlist 2) Randomly play it back on your favourite audio player
12: Tip:Listen 5+ times in random order to achieve the best results.
13: USE THIS TEXT! Download Interview Questions for free (Playlist 8,6 MB)
14: But wait! There’s more…! Would you like to get a full transcript of Interview Questions ?
15: Send me my PDF copy.
16: enter your name  enter your email address
17: Sign up for our announce list.
18: submit



Can YOU do this job? Please send me the estimate cost of your honorar (and optional the time span you need) to complete this job.

Feel free to ask or tell anything in Comments below (no registration needed)


Need a new visit-card

New visit card 4/4, need to be completed. There will be other text (s. above)

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Need a new visit-flyer

Layout for the visit-flyer for my presentation jaroslavplotnikov.com/pres-ru

Я люблю минимализм. Чтоб не было много информации, разных шрифтов и обилия разноцветности. Хороший пример этому- старая визитка Older visit card 4/0

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Email 34 hosting providers


Hi there here is a simple routine job. Jobdescription:

Email a standart hosting request (s. below) on following hosting providers:


Other providers listed here  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vTXQ11WibUUePRjr4k2HAFS3t0P_mRJVLLQgvKCdisiEUZS8jg3Z2eSLB9uBbsNzOJ2MLdkr9jWPQpC/pubhtml

Don’t email them all!  Carefully choose only all green points providers from this list:  http://stats.pingdom.com/zp1kq4gopbjs

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Find new Provider and upload the new site

Apply to this job via Upwork

Milestone 1: Due to poor service of my current hosting provider Domainfactory (df.eu) I am looking for reliable and inexpensive hosting provider in Germany or anywhere in the world. Your Job is to find and offer me 3-5 candidates with links to there packages analog to tariff Basic ( https://www.df.eu/de/webhosting/ )

Milestone 2: Here is the web-template I am going to purchase. Your job is to help me to purchase it correctly (because I don’t wish any time consuming “experiments” while purchasing process).

Milestone 3: Also please complete the complete transfer of my all websites from df.eu to the new hosting provider.  After Milestone 1 is done, I will meet my choice and provide you with access data (clarify what exactly do you need from me).

Please write your questions  (or anything you need to clarify for the completing this task) in comments or in the messenger of a freelance service.

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Install CRM Monica

Apply to this job via Upwork


I am looking for someone to help me install personal CRM Monica on the IOS high Sierra. 
Exact instructions are here: https://www.monicahq.com https://github.com/monicahq/monica/blob/master/docs/installation/index.md#p
Apply for this Job by submitting a comment below or via Upwork
JP aka Jaroslav

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New Website needed

Apply for this job via Upwork.com

For my job- and relocation service in Germany I need a new website. Below you see an example. It means I don’t expect exactly the same structure. Feel free to show me some variations how my website can look like. Please scroll below and read Questions – Answers about my new website.

Questions – Answers

Do I need a domain name and hosting services?

– Domain name already available: itgermany.net  Hosting service already available: df.eu

Do I need email services in it, if needed – how many emails would you require for a year?

– The email service is integrated in my hosting plan. But we need to adjust the email form on the website

Do I need a logo?

– Logo already available. Can you tell me which format and size you need?

How many pages does the webside include?

– Around 16.

Will the site be in multiple languages?

– English only.

Will be any videos on the site?

– In the future. After the launch of the Youtube channel.

What is that one feature I would love to have in my website?

– A subscription form. It can be either Pop-up or something similar to that one (opens in a new tab)

Who do I target through this website? Collaboration links inside my website?

– IT professionals worldwide (for example in India, Russia, Ukraine, EU countries and the rest of the world) who willing to work and relocate in Germany. Collaboration links with my partner – they should be probably affiliate links.

Should it have a payment gateway?

– In the future. Will be payed extra.

Should it be dynamic or static?

– Maybe a turnover of 3-4 pictures on the mainpage. Example – see that couple pictured from up? I might need 3-4 such pictures. This feature is 50/50. I still deliberating. So please mention in your calculation that as extra option.


Will I be uploading informations often?

– I am going to upload and change information daily, so I need an CMS. It can be any free CMS (or max. for $30). For exapmple jaroslavplotnikov.com runs under WordPress CMS which works well.

Any reference url of your competitor or the similar product/service page like yours, please list below for our understanding

Competitors: Migration and relocation service:

  • https://simplecitizen.com
  • https://visabot.co
  • https://www.boundless.co/


Competitors: Online Tutor:

  • https://preply.com/


Competitors: Job searching websites:

  • https://jobs.thelocal.com/search/#results/5b756cba585291364e883b6c?kw=&loc=germany&page_num=1
  • https://www.totaljobs.com/jobs/it/in-germany
  • http://www.jobtopus.de/search/?categories=1022000&where=germany&what=&cid=SEAdvert_Jobtopus_SEARCH_DE_City_c_how%20to%20find%20a%20job%20in%20germany_RL_EtaId3-L1_-

The Job search should be minimalistic. Is it possible to create an affiliate linking so that the German Employer knew that the Candidate came over my website? Can you do it?


Feel free to ask or tell anything in Comments below (no registration needed)  Please include in your message your answer to the green painted questions (s. above). Thanks!




Apply for this job via Upwork.com

Feel free to ask or tell anything in Comments below (no registration needed)

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Youtube manager needed

Apply for this job via Upwork

If you are not registered on Upwork, tell me that in comments below, the Upwork invitation will be sent. 

I need someone who is familiar with Youtube. It can be 2 persons. One person English-speaking and onother person is Russian-speaking. There will be two similar channels – with a same content in English and in Russian.

Russian speaking channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzLOt-4rKSA4HT1RRjBwyHA

English speaking channel doesn’t exist yet.


What to do for the Beginning:

01: Create channel from scratch (channel description, cover and avatar pics will be provided)

02: Find and add 5-10 basic SEO tags 

03: Connect with my blog, my facebook page, my Twitter

04: Upload a trailer video, and at least one more video (videos will be provided). Set on default video settings for the future uploads

05: Add end screens (what this ?????????????????? )

06: Add 2-3 comments to uploaded video(s) 





What else? Please feel 7, 8, 9 and 10 if you have any ideas for that. Please write it in comments (it’s anonym and you don’t need to registrate).


Question to Youtube manager

I have also kinda test for you: one Youtube manager created my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzLOt-4rKSA4HT1RRjBwyHA (the same link as above in the job description) and my video on the landing page disappeared 🙁 https://jaroslavplotnikov.com/programmer-migration/ Are you competent enough to repair it and avoid such surprises in the future?




Feel free to ask or tell anything in Comments below (no registration needed)


Go UP 






Web Frontend Developer (Junior)

Vodafone • in Düsseldorf

Als Web Frontend Developer (m/w) bist du als Teil unseres Frontend-Teams im Digital Bereich von Vodafone angestellt. Das Team erarbeitet eng mit UX, SEO und Marketing kreative Lösungen für den Online Shop. Deine Aufgabe ist insbesondere die Optimierung der Site-Performance als auch die Weiterentwicklung des Frontend-Frameworks mit deinen eigenen und frischen Ideen.

Das sind Deine Herausforderungen:

  • Du konzipierst und entwickelst Projekte auf unserer Plattform und bist mitverantwortlich für Solution-Designs und Inbetriebnahme bis zur Wartung Deiner Lösung.
  • Du berätst in der Anforderungserstellung und identifizierst prozessuale Auswirkungen auf die angeschlossenen Systeme.
  • Du unterstützt bei der Produkt-Konfiguration und Entwicklung der Web-Plattform während des gesamten Lifecycles.
  • Du organisierst die Zulieferung CMS-generierter Snippets an weitere eCommerce-Systeme oder Applikationen.

Das bringst Du mit:

  • Ein abgeschlossenes Studium im Bereich Informatik, Medien- oder Wirtschaftsinformatik oder eine vergleichbare Ausbildung
  • Erste Berufserfahrungen im Design und der Entwicklung transaktionsbasierter Web-Lösungen – bestenfalls in der TelCo- oder E-Commerce-Branche
  • Sehr gute Kenntnisse in JavaScript (idealerweise Angular und TypeScript) als auch Grunt und Git
  • Praktische Erfahrung mit Continuous-Delivery-Prozessen als auch mit der Template-Entwicklung für CMS-Systeme (idealerweise OpenText)
  • Sehr gutes Englisch (B2 nach GER)

Das können wir Dir bieten:

Attraktive Vergütung und überdurchschnittliche Zusatzleistungen • Betriebliche Altersvorsorge • Weiterbildung für alle • Umfangreiche Talentförderung und Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten • Flexible Arbeitszeitmodelle mit Teilzeit und Home Office • Aktive Unterstützung bei Kinderbetreuung und Pflege von Familienangehörigen • Vielfältige Gesundheitsangebote und – programme • Internationale Karriere- und Austauschmöglichkeiten


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Expert IT QA Engineer (m/w)

Vodafone • in München

Du willst die digitale Welt verändern? Dann bist Du in unserem Team goldrichtig. Wir sind digitale Weiterdenker und suchen kreative Köpfe und innovative Ideen. IT-Visionäre und -Macher, die der digitalen Telekommunikation den Weg bereiten. Schnell und innovativ. Experten, die wissen, dass Geschwindigkeit Zukunft bedeutet und die unseren Kunden immer die schnellste aller Lösungen liefern. Nimm die Herausforderung an, die deutschlandweit 40 Millionen Vodafone-Kunden in die digitale Zukunft zu führen.

Das erwartet Dich:

  • Du schätzt, priorisierst, planst und koordinierst die Testaktivitäten und die dazugehörigen Ressourcen
  • Erarbeite Teststrategien und Testfälle für geplante User Stories anhand der Akzeptanzkriterien
  • Du meldest und überwachst Fehler und/oder Designlücken und unterstützt Dein crossfunktionales Team, um Userstories produktionsreif fertig zu stellen
  • Du fühlst Dich in einem agilen, hochdynamischen Arbeitsumfeld zuhause und kannst auch unter hohem Arbeitsdruck Höchstleistungen erbringen
  • Arbeite an spannenden und abwechslungsreichen Projekten in Zusammenarbeit mit mehreren Teams

Das bringst Du mit:

  • Abgeschlossenes Studium der (Wirtschafts-) Informatik oder eine vergleichbare Ausbildung
  • Mindestens 4 Jahre Berufserfahrung in der Software Qualitätssicherung
  • Kenntnisse im Umgang mit Software-QA-Methoden, -Tools und -Prozessen sowie Expertise in der Definition und in der Ausführung umfassender Testpläne und -fälle
  • Erste Erfahrungen im Bereich Testmanagement und erfolgreicher Projektdurchführung
  • Selbständige und verantwortungsbewusste Arbeitsweise sowie Teamfähigkeit, Zuverlässigkeit, Flexibilität und Belastbarkeit

Das bieten wir Dir:

Attraktive Vergütung und überdurchschnittliche Zusatzleistungen – Betriebliche Altersvorsorge – Umfassende Weiterbildung – Individuelle Förderung Deiner Talente – Flexible Arbeitszeitmodelle und Home Office – Aktive Unterstützung bei der Kinderbetreuung und der Pflege von Angehörigen – Vielfältige Gesundheitsangebote und -programme – Internationale Karrierechancen und Austauschmöglichkeiten

Diese Stelle besetzen wir für unsere Tochtergesellschaft Vodafone Kabel Deutschland am Standort Unterföhring.

Schwerbehinderte Menschen werden bei gleicher Eignung vorrangig berücksichtigt.

Du willst heute Karriere im Netz von morgen machen? Dann bewirb Dich jetzt online mit Deinem Lebenslauf unter Angabe des frühestmöglichen Eintrittstermins und Deiner Gehaltsvorstellung.





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REMOTE JOBS for Jaroslav Plotnikov

Virtual Assistant:

Task 1 (Example):

Programmer N (Blue Card IT professional with Russian Citizenship, residence permit for Germany available) wanna quite his “9 to 5” job in Berlin. N intention is: 2 months not working and don’t search for work. Is it possible to go on getting state medical insurance coverage?

Your job:

Which conditions to be fullfilled and which steps to be done in order to manage that N doesn’t have to pay the insurance for those 2 months?

The same in Russian:  если человек увольняется по собственному желанию, не ищет работу и не работает какое то время (скажем два месяца), можно ли обратиться за страховкой? В какую организацию (Finanzamt??) обратиться, чтобы она покрывала оплату медицинской страховки?


Task 2 (Example):

Case description

IT professional (Citizenship Ukraine) is allowed to visit Germany for 3 months without any visa. His name is R and his intention to get a residence permit for a purpose of freelance in Berlin. ( https://service.berlin.de/dienstleistung/305249/en/ )

The problem:

To get a residence permit R needs a permanent residence in Berlin. In the moment R has his permanent residence in the Ukraine but he can stay 3 months in Berlin without a visa or permanent residence.

The common solution were to get back in the Ukraine and apply for the permanent residence (Freelance) over the German council in the Ukraine.

R wants to avoid the Ukrainian way and get all formalities done in Germany.

Your job:

Find out, which steps R. must do in order to get residence permit as freelancer (Type: Freiberufler) in Berlin.



Some of technical and regional terms explained in my articles (English / Russian) Here is a table of content. Feel free to ask anything. Simply ask in a comment to the particular article (no registration): what is still unclear for completing of this task(s).

Besides, quick explanations you’ll find in the GLOSSARY.




Resume proof-reader

I need to check the grammar, spelling and structure. The following articles articles can be helpful.

I don’t expect you’ll use all of those hints, but we need a structure of American chronological resume made for Germany (that means with photo, birthday and other data which are not typical for an American resume).


TABU & Mistakes in AMERICAN Resume

TABU & Mistakes in GERMAN Resume

Action words


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All jobs on this Page are suitable for male and female applicants


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  • 1. Alexis Cimpu (04-04-2018)

    I can help you with your jobs, Linux and also including design/graphic.

    My Skype ID is piti88ro

  • 2. Dennis Leyton (24-07-2018)

    Hi Jaroslav. Regarding your “Youtube Manager” job, by checking your landing page it seems that the video does not longer exist or is set as private. So if the video is still in your channel, it’s probably set as “Private” and changing it to ‘Public’ or ‘Listed’ should fix the problem. If it’s not at all in your channel and got deleted, the only way to fix it is to upload it again (which I can do with no problem). Another posibility is that the link is wrong, but seems unlikely.

  • 3. Chintan Patel (18-08-2018)

    Hello sir,

    Q: which format and size you need?
    –Ans: It should be png with minimum 150 * 150 size [ Height based on Aspect Ratio]

    Q: Is it possible to create an affiliate linking so that the German Employer knew that the Candidate came over my website? Can you do it?

    –Ans: Yes…But we need to do some research for that because every employer’s affiliate process will be different.

  • 4. Александр Горохов (12-11-2018)

    Здравствуйте, насчет работы фрилансером.
    Мои навыки:
    – графический дизайн визиток, баннеров любого размера, каталогов, мокапов, КП и презентаций, иконок для инстаграм и сайтов;
    – создание и редактирование видео для соцсетей, ютуба, различных презентаций;
    – могу взломать защиту ваших книг, купленных в киндл;
    – поиск взломанных версий программ и помощь в их установке на ПК, а так же удаленная помощь в решении проблем с работой ПК

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