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Steuer-ID or Steueridentifikationsnummer – what is that? How do I find out my Steuer-ID?

Steuer-ID (Steueridentifikationsnummer, ID-Nr.) is your Tax Identification Number. Don’t misunderstand it with the Tax Number

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Steuer-ID  oher names: die steuerliche Identifikationsnummer, Steuer-IdNr., Steueridentifikationsnummer, Steuer-Identifikationsnummer, IdNr.,  ID-Nr is a nationwide and permanent identification number of persons registered in Germany for tax purposes.

The Steuer-ID is also implemented in other European countries as TIN (Tax Identification Number).

Don’t misunderstand Steuer-ID (Tax Identification Number) with the Steuernummer (Tax Number)!

The Steuer-ID was introduced in Germany on 1 July 2007.  Steuer-ID is never changed by marriage or relocation, it stays the same for life.

How do I find out and how can I recover my Steuer-ID?

#1 Solution – the easiest way to find the Steuer-ID is to look into older letters from the tax office, e. g. a Steuerbescheid * or Lohnsteuerbescheinigung * There you’ll find this number as TIN, Taxation Identification Number or as ID-Nr (s. screenshot above).

#2 Solution apply to Bundeszentralamt für Steuern (The Federal Central Tax Office). There are four ways to request the tax identification number:

You must provide the following information in order to get the tax ID issued again:

  1. Gender
  2. Second name, First name
  3. Address  (as stated in your Meldebescheinigung)
  4. Place of birth
  5. Date of birth.

The ID number you receive by regular post to your current registration address.
A notification by e-mail is not possible for data protection reasons.
The processing time is up to four weeks. Be patient, then 😉

* – explanations and translations s. Glossary

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  • 1. MARIA del Alba Mir Ribas (17-04-2018)

    I must get my steuerindentifikationsnummer id 43199043y

    • 2. jaroslav (17-04-2018)

      Dear Maria,
      you could try to send following email:
      Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

      bitte teilen Sie mir meine Steueridentifikationsnummer (ID-Nr.) mit.

      Geschlecht: weiblich
      Name, Vorname: Second name, First name
      Address: (as stated in your Meldebescheinigung)
      Geburtsort: place of birth
      Geburtsdatum: date of birth

      Vielen Dank im Voraus!

      Mit freundlichen Grüssen,

      Anlage: Photokopie meiner Meldebescheinigung.
      – Attach the copy of your registration
      – The subject: Bitte um die ID-Nr.
      – email it on: info@identifikationsmerkmal.de

      Feel free to send me an update if it helped.

  • 3. Maria Margarida Costa (21-03-2019)

    Hi. Thank you so much for your post, it’s great help! 🙂
    So, just to clarify, you need to already be registered somewhere in Germany to receive this? What would you advise someone just moving to Germany to do? Will not having a Steueridentifikationsnummer be a problem when you’re trying to rent a house?

    • 4. slava (21-03-2019)

      Hi Maria,
      as I moved to Germany many years ago I learned that the most regulations are smart. The logic: you don’t need the Steueridentifikationsnummer so quick as a flat. So don’t worry what to do with this number. After you have done the registration (Anmeldung) the Steueridentifikationsnummer will arrive with the post. Just keep it. You will need it very seldom.