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IT Work in Germany: frequent questions job interview

Work in Germany: job vacancy interviews in Germany are predictable. Most of the questions asked are generally known and can be researched

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In this article you will find questions that IT specialists hear in an interview when applying for a job in Germany. The list is certainly incomplete.

In all industries, HR managers ask rather similar questions, whether in a telephone interview or face-to-face interviews. They want to know who you are, what your strengths and weaknesses are, whether your values match those of the company.

There are no ready answers in this article. However, in two places there are some remarks (shown small printed) so that you can better prepare your own answers.

The questions are numbered but it is not a ranking. I don’t have statistics on which questions appear most frequently.


1: Conversation opener

1.1 – Tell us more about yourself.
1.2 – Why do you wish to work here?
1.3 – Why would you like to change now?
1.4 – Why do you think you are suitable for this job? 
1.5 – Why should we hire you and not just anyone else?


2: Questions about motivation

2.1 – What do you intend to achieve in the long term? What are your professional goals? 
2.2 – Why do you have to quit your previous job?
2.3 – What didn’t you like about your past job in the first place?
2.4 – What do you know about our company?
2.5 – What have you earned before?
2.6 – What salary do you expect?
2.7 – How long would it take you to make a significant input?
2.8 – What has been your greatest success so far in your life? What has been your biggest failure so far? The biggest problem? And how did you solve it?
2.9 – Aren’t you overqualified for this job?
2.10 – Aren’t you underqualified for this job?


3: Questions about personality 

3.1 – What are your professional strengths? What are the biggest ones?
3.2 – Please name three positive things your former boss would say about you.
3.3 – And what would he say negative about you?
3.4 – What are your weaknesses? / What are you not quite getting there?
3.5 – Please describe three situations in which you have not been successful. Can you explain why?
3.6 – Give me a few examples of the ideas you have put into practice.
3.7 – What is your biggest mistake – and what have you learned from it?
3.8 – Give us an example of when you have achieved above-average and below-average results.
3.9 – What irritates you most about other people and how do you deal with it?
3.10 – Tell us something about yourself that you think we should know.

4: Questions about work

4.1 – What were your responsibility area in your old job?
4.2 – What were your reason to choose that company?
4.3 – What does the ideal company look like for you?
4.4 – What would be an ideal working situation for you?
4.5 – In which situations were you most satisfied in your job?
4.6 – What are the key qualities of a good business leader?
4.7 – And the key qualities of a bad one?
4.8 – What is the difference between good and extraordinary?
4.9 – What conflicts have you experienced in your previous jobs?
4.10 – If I were your boss and would demand something from you that you are not convinced of – what would you do?


5: Questions on working methods

5.1 – How would you describe your working style?
5.2 – What was the last project you worked on and what were the results?
5.3 – Which techniques or tools do you use to organize yourself?
5.4 – What would you do if you knew that you couldn’t possibly accomplish all your daily tasks?
5.5 – How do you deal with changes?
5.6 – Which task was too difficult for you and how did you solve the problem?
5.7 – What will you do in the first 30 days of your work at our company?
5.8 – Let’s talk about a situation in which you had to solve a conflict. Please tell us about a situation in which you had to deal with a difficult situation.
5.9 – Report on a situation where you had to manage a new situation in your job routine. What have you done?
5.10 – What needs to be done to get you to do a good job?


6: Character questions

6.1 – What are you particularly proud of?
6.2 – Who has left the most impact on you in your life? And how?
6.3 – Which personalities are you best able to work with? And why?
6.4 – What was the hardest decision you had to make in the last two years?
6.5 – When did you do something wrong? How did you get along with that?
6.6 – What have you been criticized for in recent years? Was this criticism fair and proper?
6.7 – What kind of bosses are you having trouble with?
6.8 – How would you feel if you had to work for someone who knows much less than you?
6.9 – What causes stress and how do you deal with it?
6.10 – How do you feel about business trips and overtime?


In your interviews you will hear only some questions from the list above. Some more maybe also coming along. Ask yourself – wouldn’t it be a wise thought to train a little? Is it not worthwhile to look more deeply into some of the questions, find out the good answers and “arm yourself well”, as we say in Germany?

Recall the dates, names, concrete situations and examples. Finally, you can also imprint the phrases that will help you gain time if the question is particularly tricky.

I am sure that your prepared answers will greatly increase your chances. You will look confident and authentic. And not like a fish that only opens his mouth and can’t make a sound in front of him 🙂

If any questions are unclear or you want to tell us something from your experience, or just ask a question, or even to say hello, please share your thoughts below (registration is not required).


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    That’s exactly what I needed. Because, successfully interview is based on your motivation and preparation.

    Thanks’ a lot for your hard work Jaroslav !

    • 2. jaroslav (09-04-2018)

      My pleasure, Vakho! Feel free to ask if anything uclear.

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      Thanks for your feedback Harendra! I guess first I need to prepare moreuseful information.