Jaroslav Plotnikov

Reliable hosting provider for my website(s) needed

Hi there,

I am looking for a fast, reliable and inexpencieve hosting provider. Are you the one?

I apologize for my picky questions 🙂 I would like to clarify all necessary things avoiding too many question-answers email. My qoal is to find a hosting provider for decades.

I recently bought the new website template called JOBSEARCH (temporary it is here: http://ozago.eu/new/ but it will get a new domainname (  .com) which I am going to purchase). A will also need a hosting for it.

Can you please list me all the costs in EUR?

Option 1: Total costs to purchase domainname  (   .com) only

Option 2: Total costs to purchase the domainname (  .com ) and an annual webhosting service.

I also have 3 further websites (https://www.df.eu; http://yarve.com ; http://jaroslavplotnikov.com   ) which are placed here: https://www.df.eu (let’s shorten it as DF)

Option 3:  Total cost of annual hosting for JOBSEARCH, http://yarve.com ; http://jaroslavplotnikov.com

Option 4: Total cost of annual hosting for JOBSEARCH, http://yarve.com ; http://jaroslavplotnikov.com, http://ozago.eu

Besides I have following questions:

Question 1: How is your billing organized – monthly, annaully, other?

Question 2: Do you offer a “money back” quarantee? If yes within which period?

Question 3: Your payment methods (Mastercard, Paypal)? Is a bank transfer or withdrawal from my German bank to any bank within EU possible?

Question 4: Which steps must be done to organise domain transfer from DF to you?

Question 5: How can I or my programmer can contact you in case of technical inquiries? Can you please list support possibilities (email, chat, messengers etc.)?

My programmer turned my blog from http to htpps. But I noticed that after a couple of months this specific page

( https://jaroslavplotnikov.com/data/ ) is sometimes “secured” and sometimes suddently “not secured” again.This instability in acceptable

Question 6: Do you offer free SSL sertificates? If not, how much does it cost?
Question 7: Maybe there is something which I haven’t asked but you think might be useful for me to know about your service?
Asked by my programmer Mr. Patel:
Question 8: What will be the renewal plan cost for my new hosting?

Question 9: We don’t want to affect Jaroslav’s site by some malware virus. If this will happen how could you help us to sort out that problem because we already face this issue by our current provider.

Question 10: What ist the latest cPanel version you offer?

If you are still reading I am impressed by your patience 🙂

Feel free to ask or tell me anything you need to know.

Also feel free to give me as much information as you consider for apropriate.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards

Jaroslav Plotnikov

(you can call me JP if it is easier for you)

PS: Please forgive my nonprofessional way I formulated my technical questions and for my rudimentary English. 



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