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Question: Germany Job Seeking Visa Process


hi namaste Yendluri,

it looks like you have saved $3-6 K and to go and stay in  Germany with “jobseeker visa” (This visa is given up to 6 months, doesn’t allow to work, but can easily turned to “work visa” or “freelance visa”)

If the the situation above is not the case, I would suggest you another tactic.

The core moving tool for your migration is the working contract or job offer or some requests from employer to hire you as freelancer. This can be the most difficult but once you get it, the rest is just a piece of a cake )))

What is your profession? If you are an IT professional then you are on the high demand occupation list in Germany. That gives you the best conditions to come here, to Germany.

How to proceed:

1. Option E as “Employment”

1.1: Create a “German way” resume (CV and cover letter). It can be in English or German if you speak German at least a little bit. By German way I mean that in Germany we write different resume as in US or UK.

1.2: Create a profile on 2-5 German job boards. According to the famous HR portal Crosswater Job Guide, the top 5 universal job boards in 2018 are: Stepstone Deutschland, Staufenbiel Institute, XING Stellenmarkt, Monster Deutschland, Indeed.de

1.3: Search for the open positions on that portal and send your resume. CV can be always the same but cover letter you need to adjust so that employer / HR doesn’t consider it as a bulk mail.

1.4: Once interested in you, an employer will invite you to phone/skype interview. There will be 2-6 interviews before they decide to invite you.

2. Option S as “Selfemployment”

2.1: Create a simple one page website representating you as skilled worker. Keep it very simple and don’t place Google ads there

2.2: Do you already have a linkedin profile? Create also a XING profile and an Upwork profile. Upload your portfolio there. If you are from IT industry upload your portfolio on Github.


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