Jaroslav Plotnikov

Searching for flat – urgent

I am looking for an apartment or WG room from 1. November / 1. December 2018 / 1.Januar 2019. Please forward to friends. 



Jaroslav is still looking for a flat or WG Zimmer! Move in dates: 1. November / 1. December 2018 / 1.Januar 2019.

I am looking for a WG room or 1-2 room apartment. Unfurnished / furnished, as well as many other features are quite irrelevant. Important is the renting contract and the registration (Anmeldung).


Best case: in Neukölln or Prenzlauer Berg.  Acceptable: Kreuzberg, Tempelhof, Friedrichshain, any areas inside or not far behind the S-bahn ring


Best case: 1. November 2018 Also possible:  1. December / 1.Januar.

Rent – how much 

The rent 400-500 Euro


About me

my name is Jaroslav Plotnikov (or simply Jaroslav). Since 1999 I live in Germany, have German passport. Since 2009 I live in Berlin and work as a translator and relocator in the IT industry.

The rent will be always paid on time, be sure. I can also pay security deposit (Kaution). I also have liability insurance from Janitos.


My dream apartment: central, quiet, WiFi available or at least possible to install.

I am a quiet, a bit introverted person, do not smoke, do not drink. I work a lot on the computer, also from home. I have no animals, no allergies and get along with all people very well, although I am not very social. I love my new home Berlin and feel very well integrated.

Documents on request

  • Schufa
  • No rent debt certificate – Mietschuldenfreiheit
  • Copy of passport (German passport)



Please offer all possible flats – I reply to every email / SMS.

Mobil: 0159-030-72-498, Email: info@yarve.com oder yafalin@gmail.com




Visiting my mom in Russia


Please forward – copy & share: jaroslavplotnikov.com/flat