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Data privacy statement

Dataprivace statement according to German law about the data privacy protection

Please download, put your first name and second name without comma (e.g. Angela Merkel) set the date in German format (DD.MM.YY) and sign.

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Dataprivacy statement
Declaration of acceptance by applicants and employees

Mr / Mrs __________________________________________________________________________

I hereby declare that I agree that all personal data submitted in connection with my application and contained on the documents as well as a free use of the photographic images of my person for company-internal purposes may be electronically stored, processed and passed on to customers of Jaroslav Plotnikov in connection with the provision of employees and, if applicable, private employment services, insofar as this is necessary for the execution of an offer or the exercise of an activity.

I do not permit my personal data and documents to be passed on to the company/companies listed below until my person has submitted a written revocation.




The declarations are regarded as declarations of consent in the sense of the Federal Data Protection Act.

This declaration of consent is valid until revoked (to be addressed to: info@yarve.com)

By my signature I confirm the content of these declarations.

Date, signature  ____________________________________

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