Jaroslav Plotnikov

Contact:  info@yarve.com

I am glad to hear from people, even if they are unknown to me yet. So feel free to contact meinfo@yarve.com and introduce yourself.
Why contact me? For two reasons:
  1. I’ve been working as migration advisor since 2008. I know plenty of programmers from East-Europe which I interviewed for my book. Maybe I can recommend you one to you?
  2. I have been living in Germany since 1999 //for 18 years and have many contacts. If you are looking for a job, to study, an internship or to freelance in the IT-industry, maybe I could help.

I reply to all e-mails within 1-3 days.

In order to increase my productivity I am testing a new communication policy: I do not check my social media inboxes. I do not use messengers (Whatsapp, Viber).

 Please write me e-mail instead

If it’s really urgent – call me / send a text message on +49 159 030 72 498.

Thanks for your understanding and I would be really happy to be helpful to you.


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