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IT Work in Germany: American CHRONOLOGICAL RESUME

US chronological resume – recommended if you are not a beginner & longer work experience available

Read in Russian – ПО-РУССКИ


Typical structure of a chronological resume*

  1. Applicant, contact information

  2. Job Objective

  3. About the person

  4. Qualification / Experience

  5. Accomplishments

  6. Schooling
  7. Additional information

  8. Special skills

  9. References




In America as well as in Germany, the name and address are written on the top left or in the middle. Thename is written in bold capital letters. No abbreviations are permitted in the address.

The mobile number should be given according to international standard*. E-mail address is also included in this section.

If you have a trusted person (a friend, a relative) in the USA, you can or should add your first name, surname and phone number. John Smith, Cell: +123467891011.


Job Objective / Position Desired

Job Objective / Employment Objective / Position Desired are quite common in American CVs, but you can also avoid it. This section is rather for candidates with work experience

There are two most important points in the Job Objective: You explain what kind of position you are seeking and what the company would benefit from it.

Job objectives should be listed briefly and precisely in about ten to twelve words, e.g.:

  • A challenging opportunity as Senior Programmer utilizing hands-on expertise in IDMS applications development.
  • To obtain a position in which I can utilize my work experience and education as Server Administrator (Linux/Unix).
  • A challenging position in mobile applications developer.
  • A challenging position as a Malware Analyst / Digital Forensics Investigator, requiring Skills in internet security.

The downside: you describe your expectations and not necessarily what benefits the employer. Thus, you will not be offered any additional positions that might be worth considering.

The upside: even if you are not offered other positions, there are still high chances for the position that suits you best – your Position Desired.

Tip: After the Job Objective / Position Desired, add your professional background in 2-3 sentences under the title “Career Summary” and describe how you can benefit the company, e.g.:

  • Proven team leader and problem solver – 10 years of experience in advanced troubleshooting using network monitoring tool and network analyzers (Wireshark, tshark Trace-tools etc.)

  • With highly developed software reverse engineering skills (malware analysis), botnet detection, mobile and computer forensics

The “Career Summary” section is optional. It is recommended for applicants with a lot of professional experience and a good number of previous employers.


About the person

Age or marital status are not included in an American resume. The law prohibits discrimination in the recruitment process based on skin color and personal situation (bachelor, married with child, single parent, etc.).

The following data also remain unlisted: date and place of birth, religion, marital status. There is no picture attached to an American resume. More detailed s. TABU & Mistakes in AMERICAN Resume


Qualification / Experience

Professional experience in the USA counts more than exams and degrees. She’s the most important part of the resume. It is important to establish a logical relation between the advertised position and your professional experience.

By the way, experience is not only a professional activity, but also participation in non-profit, voluntary projects.

You can create two sub-sections: Professional Experience and Volunteer Experience

– Professional Experience / Employment History

– Volunteer Experience / Other Experience

The following data must be entered:

  • Employer,
  • Address, 
  • Job title,
  • Area of responsibility,
  • Employment from… till…

Please note that the names of the companies are written without abbreviations if possible, initials are written in brackets. For the company address, you only give the city and the country, without street and telephone number. If the company name is too specific, it is recommended to translate the names:

Tatenergosbyt Jsc. (Web Developer at the electricity provider), Kazan, Russia

In the job title, keep it as generic, e.g.:

Software developer 
System analyst 
Applications programmer

It is recommended to use the American names for the job titles (s. the lists from the U.S. Department of Labor).**


Do not go into details in the Area of responsibility. Mention only the following:

  • Size of the department you were in charge of,
  • Amount of the budget,
  • interesting details especially for the application.


Section Area of responsibility can be replaced by the section Duties Some examples:

  • Administrative work, system administration, implementation of satellite communication channels, obtaining a license for the Wireless in the city, registration pi network in RIPE. VoiP integration.
  • Created Internet provider companies from scratch. Configured unix servers, Lucent access servers, billing writing on C / PHP / HTML / PostgreSQL
  • supervised six-person technical support.


If your professional experience is so huge that the logical common thread to the desired position can be lost, limit yourself to the last 10 years.

Dates can be reduced to the month. If the months cannot be reconstructed to avoid procrastination, simply enter the years and try as soon as possible to process the data to the month.

– January 2011 to December 2014,
– 2011 to 2014.

If you cannot properly “close some gaps” (in your professional activity), you can skip them. In this case, however, you must be prepared to be asked in the interview about them these gaps. You should have plausible explanations.



The Accomplishments as results of your previous professional activity have a high value in an American resume. Use action verbs and figures to describe as precisely as possible what you have achieved, which means what you have worked out, implemented, organized, improved.

In particular, give examples that are relevant to the requirements of the desired positionAvoid general phrases and empty phrasesInstead of “Exercised great responsibility”, better: “Supervised 100 skilled technicians”.

More examples:

  • Supervised four full-time and twelve part-time retail sales employees.
  • Increased sales 41 percent over prior years.
  • Established 40 new accounts.
  • Proposed and tracked annual $ 300 000 departmental budget.
  • Trained 100 new employees in customer service.
  • Designed new products, resulting in first-year net profit of $ 50 000.

List these accommodations with dashes or thick dots-bullets (as shown above). Be short. Avoid pronouns such as “I, my” and without uncertain articles “a / an”.

The company to which you are applying will be interested in the results of your previous activities. Your work experience must therefore sound as intriguing and promising as possible. It is important to show how successful you have been in your previous positions.

Try putting yourself in the place of your employer. Look at you from his perspective. Which of your readings would he like to read? Here are some questions to help you evaluate your performance:

Have I solved occurring problems?
Have I reduced the costs?
Have I increased the winnings?
Have I increased productivity?
Have I achieved or even exceeded the goals set?

Do a brainstorming: first collect ALL your achievements you can remember. Then classify them according to relevance to your position desired.

The appropriate action words give your resume a lot of power on a verbal level and make it more attractive. Action words play an important role in an American resume. Here is a collection of the Action words (both: English and Russian). 



Skip your school years. Start with the professional education or with the study. If you have very good grades in your diplomas, clearly show this (it is very helpful if you have little or no work experience). The same applies to subjects – if your main and secondary subjects are a good match for the desired position, list them, it will increase your chances.

In the American CV, the school or university degrees in the “Education/Professional Training” section are indicated with data such as Date of Graduation. The single educational stages are listed as follows:

Names of schools, addresses (city, country),
Duration of school education,
Date of graduation,
Title (with translation or American equivalent),
Average grade (optional),
Main and secondary subjects (optional).

In addition to the degrees, you can also name specific courses if they are relevant for the position desired, e.g.:

Technical Lyceum Darnytsa district in Kyiv, Ukraine
One-year training program in 1C: Enterprise 8
Graduated July 2014,

Courses included:
Mobile applications in the system “1C: Enterprise 8», 2014
Google Analytics for advanced users, 2013
Legal security at online stores, 2013
1C: Enterprise 8.1 New Features, 2006
Configuring the system “1C: Enterprise 8.0” The solution of accounting tasks, 2006
Tools integration and exchange of data in the system “1C: Enterprise 8.0, 2005
Using SQL queries in the system “1C: Enterprise 8.0, 2005

If you have only a little work experience, you can place the Education section before the Experience section. In
th Education section you can include a description of your English skills. Otherwise place your English skills into Special skills section.


Additional information

Personal interests and hobbies are not included in an American resume. Exceptions are possible if you have performed excellently, won prizes etc. If you still would like to mention some of your hobbies, place them at the bottom of the last line of this section. All hobbies should fit in a single line.

Instead of “Additional Information”, a section “Other/Miscellaneous” can also be added. You should also mention memberships in professional and other associations under the heading “Professional Affiliations”. This is your way of expressing an interest in your profession and your career.

“Community activities”, such as voluntary work in non-profit institutions, also attract attention of employer.

You can also list international journeys in this section. In general, mention only the journeys which are relevant for the position desired or for your industry. Example: If you are in the IT business, you should not mention a trip to Alaska. But a trip to Silicon Valley can be presented as an “educational trip”. The same applies to any awards and honors.

The logic behind this is simple – any volunteer work, educational trips, prices, any additional information should have some (albeit ulterior) relation to your desired position. The employer should always be able to recognize a profitable, advantageous consequence of your employment.


Special skills

This includes skills and knowledge that have not been mentioned in the “training/work experience” categories. Classical examples:

  • Fluent in German
  • Mother tongue: Russian
  • Understand Polish
  • Speed typing: 70 words /min.



No credentials are attached to an American resume. References are used instead. You can type: 

No employer’s credentials are attached to an American CV. Instead, one can add references. You can write: 

– References are available upon request.
– Excellent business and personal references are available.

If you have enough references, list them on a separate sheet under “List of References”. For each reference, enter the following information (s. below). Do not include these details in your CV:

City, State, ZIP,
Job Title of Person,
Working/Personal Relationship,
Telephone Number ft Area Code,


* – e.g. Argentina +54 9 223 123-4567, India +917513265784.
** – www.occupationalinfo.org   European equivalent – International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO-08). S. article High-demand occupations in Germany – IT branch

Sources:  Neuhaus, Karsta und Dirk. Bewerben und Arbeiten in den USA und Kanada.ILT-Europa Verlag 2009.

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