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How to read my Russian articles in your language

This small manual explains the simple possibility to read my blog in English, German or any other language.

Until now I ‘ve published almost everything in Russian because my reader are from Russia, Belorussia, the Ukraine and other countries of former USSR.

Informations, tips and tricks written in Russian imply that an applicant has no EU-citizenship. The latter implies that one has additional bureaucratic difficults to stay and work in Germany (both – fulltime employment and freelance).  If you have similar intension, maybe it worth reading some of my articles translated via Chrome? Well it’s far from perfect, although Google quickly getting better in improving their translation logarithm.

What I suggest – use Chrom browser desktop version. All you need to do is just right click and then: “translate to English”.

 How to translate into German or any other language?

Start in the similar way: right click and “translate to English”. Then look at the upper right corner and click on Options and select your language. That’s it!


About my publications

On the Russian Home Page you can see articles and blogposts.

Articles – here you can read about work and freelance in Germany – how to do it yourself. Also some hints how to learn German.

Blog posts – just some ideas and thoughts which came to my mind. What really matter are in the Articles.

Feel free to leave a comment whenever you want, in English please. This is anonym and doesn’t requre registration.



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