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IT Work in Germany

IT work in Germany: check the recognition of your university by Anabin
Getting Bluecard – is your university recognized in Germany? Ask ANABIN database here…

German resume – Tabellarischer Lebenslauf
Structure, norms and rules of the most common form of the German CV

XING – the reliable helper in your job search – PART 1
Network for business relationships, job search and career development. PART 1 – profile details

Labor Market Statistics 2017
Selected parts of the Federal Employment Agency’s annual report about IT Professionals in Germany 

What HRs, employers and recruiters expect from you
Which soft skills strengthen your competitiveness? Which soft skills are German CEOs, CTOs, HRs and recruiters keen on?

TABU & Mistakes in GERMAN Resume
Which details are not allowed in German job application

ARBEITSVERTRAG – 7 things to check first of all
You should check the following sections in your employment contract before signing it

Frequent questions at job interview
Work in Germany: job vacancy interviews in Germany are predictable. Most of the questions asked are generally known and can be researched

In the part 1 you learn the formal design requirements in Germany: fonts, date, contact info, subject, title

The Part 2 deals with the content of the cover letter, its components

US chronological resume – recommended if you are not a beginner & longer work experience available

How to present your CV in the best way if you have a short work experience? The answer: Skills resume

The check list for your CV
If you submit a German CV, you immediately attract attention.The check list for your CV

The best job boards 2018
Where do you have a better chance of finding many IT offers that are relevant to me? Here is the top 10

Arbeitsagentur – Federal Employment Office- how to search for IT-jobs
Within 59 seconds you can find exact numbers of open job positions in Germany

Arbeitsagentur – 2 – How to find employers for IT-Jobs
How much your skills are in demand in Germany. Find employers using English language

High-demand occupations in Germany – IT branch
For an IT-professionals and other skilled migrants it’s getting easier to stay in Germany even if you don’t speak German

SALARY – all industries and IT employees
How much people earn in Germany within last 10 years. Difference between gross and net



IT Freelance / Selfemployment in Germany

IT Freelance in Germany: FAQ
You don’t have a German passport? Then this FAQ about IT-Freelance for you

IT Freelance in Germany: Registration in ELSTER
Since the 2017 the electronic data entry became a mandatory. In this article you learn the very first step – to sign up

IT Freelance in Germany: Registration in ELSTER – Part 2
Now the activation code has arrived by regular mail. This article tells you how I completed the registration

IT Freelance in Germany: 8 steps of your business
You would like to run a small freelancer business and live in Germany or other EU countries? You need only 8 steps for it

IT Freelance in Germany: FREELANCER vs TRADER
Freelancers, trader and sole proprietors – what is the difference?

Etiquette of correspondence with German officials – 1 – Request at Finanzamt
How to write a short official email request in German or English

How to start IT-freelance if you already work in Germany – 3 very first steps
You have already come to Germany, work in the IT industry and would like to try out freelance. The question is – how do I start?

IT Freelance in Germany: Who is a Small Business Owner (Kleinunternehmer)?
Kleinunternehmer Regelung (Small business regulation, “micro-business”) – how to register it, advantages & disadvantages

IT Freelance in Germany: private health insurance – price overview
What does private health insurance (PKV) cost? You’ll know in 30 seconds

IT Freelance in Germany: How I Paid Tax Without Understanding the Tax System
If you don’t know the German tax system and would like to delegate the tax accounting, this article might be useful



German taxes and red tape

IT Freelance in Germany: 3 types of tax, everyone should know
German Taxes? Here you get the “all-you-need” knowledge of taxes

IT-Freelance in Germany – 3 main tax types – #1 VAT
In this article: Value added tax, turnover tax and input tax. How to get this paid 19% back?

IT-Freelance in Germany – 3 main tax types – #2  INCOME TAX
In this article: Income tax, basic allowance, difference profit – turnover

IT Freelance in Germany – 3 main tax types – #3 TRADE TAX
The last of 3 taxes you need to know as a sole proprietor / trader

IT Freelance in Germany: Form #1 – Questionnaire for the tax registration
You want to work as a self-employed IT professional? First of all you have to complete this form

Steuer-ID or Steueridentifikationsnummer – what is that? How do I find it out?
Don’t misunderstand your Steuer-ID with the Tax Number. All useful information you’ll find here

Etiquette of correspondence with German officials – 1 – Request at Finanzamt
How to write a short official email request in German or English



Lifehacks in Germany 

How I furnished my room – for €37,89 all inclusive
I only spent €37.89 for sofa, bed, desk, two small and one large wardrobe. Delivery included. How was that possible?

Western Union – excellent service for a ridiculous price
I hated and ignored Western Union – due to its prices. In 2015 my opinion changed to 180°

Test your German in 20 minutes by Goethe-Institut
Within 20 to 30 minutes you can roughly estimate your German level

Wohnungsgeberbestätigung – Landlord’s confirmation for subtenants – howto fill in
To be sure that you fill in everything correctly, let’s take a step-by-step approach

A receipt makes your cash-payment safe. How to fill out the Quittung
Paying rent or deposit in cash – ALWAYS ask for the receipt. Always 

How to find a flat – Search-Ad Tutorial. Portal WG-Gesucht
Don’t let the name confuse you. There are not only shared flats (WG), but also a great number of apartments

10 central districts of Berlin to live in 
Brief information about 10 central districts of Berlin

How to fill out the sublease contract for your flat (Untermietvertrag)
German sublease rent contract – would you like to know exactly what you are signing?

Anmeldung, amtliche Meldebestätigung, erweiterte Meldebescheinigung, polizeiliche Meldebescheinigung
In 5 minutes you will understand the differences – explained quick and easy

Nach Ermessen – how this bureaucratic phenomenon can work for you?
Why German officials sometimes make confessions and show goodwill

Kulanz – what this? And why do they do it?
In the Germany you can experience some situations of “spontaneous” generosity and “human relationship” Why?

Let the landlord offer you the apartment – Experience of a foreigner in finding accommodation in Berlin – PART 1
Advertise a request and wait until they contact you? Isn’t it better to answer ads yourself?

Let the landlord offer you the apartment – Experience of a foreigner in finding accommodation in Berlin – PART 2
The wanted advertisements have proved to be the only effective strategy. My own experience – read here…