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Arbeitsagentur – 3 – Response from German employers

After I sent the 100 internship requests I received 14% of positive replies. They’re all in this article

This is part 3

In PART 1 I introduced the search engine of Arbeitsagentur.de
In PART 2 using the example of an internship in the IT sector, I’ve shown how to look for the English-speaking jobs. I emailed employers who advertised their applications for internships at the Jobbörse Arbeitsagentur. de. I have sent exactly 100 identical texts all over Germany. Each text was filled with the same questions – whether foreign workers from non-EU countries (say from Russia) could be employed? Besides I’ve asked to list the most important requirements.

The first reply came the next day. This was not an automatic response, but an email from a human being. The reply was positive (see the first email below). Within the next three weeks I received 13 further promises. In this article I publish its contents 100% original. For reasons of simplicity and time management, I only cut out the politeness forms.

Driven by curiosity I made some statistical measuring. I’ve tried to categorize all the replies I’ve received. Positive replies, negative replies and the “neither nor” replies too. And there is always the third category, which is neither a rejection nor a clear acceptance. Maybe it’s normal – in every country there are always people who are unable (or just don’t want to) to give a strong and clear opinion.

After a few days I stopped to record the negative replies. Why do I need to collect rejections? I was interested in companies that are open to foreign IT-professionals. I’ve decided to register positive relplies only. The clearly positive but also replies, which are not clear rejections. 

Without making any analysis, I have decided to share all clear and unclear positive replies. Don’t be surprised they are in German langugae. I asked in German so they replied in German too.

Wenn Du dich an eine der Adressen schreiben willst, denke daran, dass sie die Lage vom Juli 2017 wiederspiegel. Die Situation konnte sich bereits ändern. 

Wenn Du doch hinschreibst, schlage ich vor, dass Du meine Adresse  info@yarve.com  in die BCC Kopie einsetzt. So kann ich die mit dem Briefsverkehr helfen. Meine Hilfe wird absolut kostenfrei für dich sein. Und jetzt die Antworten im Original.

Dear Mr. Plotnikov
Yes, we have internships available.
English would be enough.
PHP, CSS, Java Script, Joomla are required.

Yours sincerely / Best regards / Muchos Saludos

Dipl. Ing Walter Downes

Comment from the author: you don’t need to know all mentioned programming languages. If you feel confident with two of them, even if you know only one language (an Expert level), it is worth sending an application. By the way, Mr. Downes wrote me further emails in English. He’s obviously not German.

Dear Mr. Plotnikov,*
Thank you for your questions.
Yes, we would be interested in IT interns from Russia.

The requirement would be that they speak English and already have some experience with the Open Source CMS TYPO3 or WordPress.

Many greetings
Christian Hinreiner
Consultant and Managing Director
Studio 9 GmbH – Internet Agency – Einfach echt.

Hello, Mr. Plotnikov,
Thank you very much for your inquiry. Basically, we are interested in interns. The question is only how to deal with this in the time with accommodation and so on. Interns are for us insteressant in this case, even if a possibility of permanent employment would be the goal. Internship should be at least half a year.

The candidates should be fluent in English and experience with the German language would be an advantage (can be further developed here).

We are looking for professional knowledge and support in various fields.

– Backend Development (PHP)
– Frondend development (JavaScript)
– BigData (Statistics, DataWarehouse)

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.
With kind regards
Jürgen Postertz

Head of Software Development
GermanPersonnel e-search GmbH

Dear Mr. Plotnikov,
Thank you very much for your inquiry.
Our current trainee advertisements can be found online at https://invenio.hr4you.org/job_finder. php
The requirements for an internship vary depending on the position. Internships with a German language level of at least B2 should last at least 4 months full-time.
I hope I have been able to help you.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
With kind regards
i. A. B. Sc. Lena Schütte
Personnel officer


Comment from the author: first I thought this company was a brokerage. But I was wrong. INVENIO deals with the development of software, consulting etc… It has branches in Australia, China, Romania, Poland, Spain, USA. Under the link from the email I found 38 open positions for developers. The positions are described in English but the menu of the search is in German. You can write in comments below the cities you are interested in. I’ll have a quick look at the open places for you there.

Dear Mr. Plotnikov *,

Thank you for your request and your interest in an internship at Bosch.

Here you will find internships at all Bosch Group locations in Germany that use the online application process and can apply directly. The search can be refined by selecting the functional area. General information on internships at Bosch can be found here.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the contact person for your desired position. You will find the contact person in the respective advertisement.

We hope that you will find an interesting internship and wish you every success with your application.

Yours sincerely / Best regards

Tom Brown
Robert Bosch GmbH

Hello, Mr. Plotnikov,
yes, we would also employ trainees from non-EU countries. With our software developers, we don’t care where you come from. As long as you have talent, are motivated and speak English or German.
Does this answer your question?

With kind regards
Sarah Angel
Management Assistant

Dear Mr. Plotnikov,
we are happy to answer your questions. Basically, there is nothing to prevent these students from applying, since their origin is not an exclusion criterion for us.

However, the decisive factor is how long the internship lasts. This should take at least three to six months.

In terms of language skills, this is difficult to say because it is handled differently for each subgroup or department. However, German language skills should be available. Good English language skills are also welcome.

If these requirements match the profiles of the applicants, you are welcome to apply for the position.

If you cannot find a suitable position, you can also send us your unsolicited application. Click here for an unsolicited application: https://career.diehl.com/Vacancies/648/Application/New/31

For further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

With kind regards
Annemarie Rupps

Diehl Foundation & Co. KG
personnel marketing

Dear Mr. Plotnikov,
Thank you for your message and your interest in working with us!

We are absolutely interested in working with interns and permanent IT specialists from any country. In which areas do you communicate exactly?

What we are looking for are interns in the system administration and C# development area.

We usually have compulsory interns who complete an internship with us for up to 12 months and then change to a permanent position if necessary. Knowledge of English is compulsory, otherwise there are no other language requirements. We usually pay between 700 and 1.500€, depending on the candidate’s knowledge.

I am looking forward to your feedback!
Best regards
Lisa-Maria Brunner
human resources

Hello, Mr. Plotnikov,*
Generally, we are open to applicants from each country, but we only place jobs from other companies and these then decide on the necessary language skills. Your programmers are welcome to create a profile on campus hunters and we suggest jobs with English language skills as a prerequisite.

Best regards,
Marie King
support manager
Campusjäger GmbH

Comment by the author: Campusjäger is an interesting site with the charming team. You also have a multilinqual language menu. It is definitely worthwhile to send some applications there.

Dear Mr. Plotnikov,
yes, we are always looking for employees and interns. An internship with us is often the beginning of a permanent employment.

– Minimum duration 3 months
– Payment for orientation internship in general 450 EUR (mini job)
– English language skills are sufficient, better a little German

Many greetings
Sven Haubold
webit! Company for new media ltd.

Comment from the author: at first glance, the payment for this internship position looks a little too moderate. But don’t be too quick to conclude. It is quite possible that this will be covered by any bonuses. Perhaps an accommodation will be provided? Maybe there’s a discount in the canteen? You should also be sure to check the number of weekly working hours. It is quite possible that you will have a lot of free time… You could use this time wisely, couldn’t you? To learn German or English, to look for further jobs in nearby cities and in countries. You could also work as a freelancer for the German customers.

Dear Mr. Plotnikov,*
Thank you very much for your inquiry. We are happy to answer your questions.

We currently employ trainees from various countries and are of course also open to trainees from the countries you have mentioned. English language skills (business fluent) are sufficient. German language skills are more likely to be nice-to-have, but not mandatory. The classic period for an internship is 6 months.

For further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
With kind regards
Florian Bischoff
IT recruiter
Preh Car Connect GmbH

Dear Mr. Plotnikov *,
Thank you for your interest in an internship/student trainee position at our company.

You should be enrolled at a German or foreign university for an internship, thesis or working student position at Continental AG. Since you do not meet this requirement, we are currently unable to offer you an internship/study trainee position with us.

If you are interested in joining Continental as an experienced professional or university graduate, please apply for the position you are interested in via an online link in the invitation to tender of the same name on our homepage www.careers-continental.com.

We wish you all the best and much success for your career.
With kind regards / Kind regards,
Beverley Smith
Recruiting Center Germany
Continental AG

Dear Mr. Plotnikov,*
Thank you for your interest in comdirect as an employer. Basically, there is an interest in IT interns from other countries. However, it is important for us in the company that our employees speak German very well (at least level B2), as we are not internationally active and the company language is German.
If this is the case, candidates can apply for positions advertised by us.

Catherine Beinroth
comdirect bank AG

Good morning, Mr. Plotnikov,*
The companies of the thyssenkrupp Camshafts Group currently have no need for internships in the IT sector.

Nevertheless, it is possible that thyssenkrupp AG is interested here, just have a look at the career page:

Good luck for prospective customers.
Sincerely yours / Kind Regards
Lucie Zingelmann
HR development

Comment from the author: If you follow the link (above), alone in Germany there are 556 vacancies (for internship and work).

Key ideas:

Make a standard questionnaire and systematically ask every employer candidate what they exactly offer for interns (such as accommodation, reduced or free meals, fare)? How many hours a week are you expected to work?

* – Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator 

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