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IT work in Germany: check the recognition of your university by Anabin

Is your university recognized for the issuing a Bluecard – how to ask Anabin!

Screenshot 1.1, Source: Anabin

In 2 minutes you will determine how likely your diploma is recognized in Germany. By the way to check out my university (Herzen State Pedagogical University St.Petersburg) it took 108 seconds.

Let’s say you studied programming in India at Calcutta University in West Bengal. The central question is: does Germany recognize the diplomas issued by this particular university?

Let’s get straight to the point and jump on the Anabin website: https://anabin.kmk.org/anabin.html

If you’re using Chrome browser, by the right click you can translate the page into English or other language. However, each new page will again be persistently displayed in German. In the end, I decided to keep the German screenshots. Besides you could learn some useful German words ))

Step 1

Click on the Institutionen in the upper left corner. (Screenshot 1.1). Then click on Suchen (1), screenshot 1.2.


Step 2

Click on Alle Länder (All countries (2), screenshot 2).

Screenshot 2, Source: Anabin

Now choose the country – in our example it’s India. Click on the relevant letter (3) and tick the box near Indien (4). Click on Länderauswahl bestätigen (Confirm country selection (5) screenshot 3).

Screenshot 3, Source: Anabin


Step 3

Ort Auswahl – the choice of city (6). The process is the same – choose a city, then – Ortsauswahl schliessen (close the city choice (7) screenshot 4).

Screenshot 4, Source: Anabin

Please note that the names of countries and cities will also be in German (India German: Indien). Also keep in mind that different cities with the same name are possible, e.g. there are two cities named Kolkata (s. figure 6).


Step 4

Alle Institutionstypen (All types of institutions of higher education (8)) – there is nothing to change here. The results will be displayed automatically. If not, use the Suche starten buttons to start the search or Suche zurücksetzen to reset the search criteria.

If you don’t see your university, take a look at the following result pages (9). In our case, the University of Calcutta is at the top of page 2.

Screenshot 5, Source: Anabin

Look at the status of H+ (10). The explanation will follow later, but in the meantime click on the plus sign at the beginning of the line (11).

A pop-up window with contact information appears. Kontakt – there is no need to explain anything here (screenshot 6).

Screenshot 6, Source: Anabin


Step 5

To understand the H+ status designation, let’s go back. Look at Screenshot 2: to the left of Suchen (1) you will see Info (12).

Screenshot 7, Source: Anabin

Click on Info and you will get to the page with explanations. Look at the figure 13 and a bit lower:

The facilities are grouped together, the so-called “institution types”, and provided with a specific “status”. The status indicates whether an institution can be considered as university or not. The status of an institution can be H +, H-, and H +/-.

H + means that the institution is recognized as an university in its home country and is also regarded as a higher education institution in Germany. H- means that the recognition / accreditation in the state of origin is missing and / or that it can not be classified as a university in Germany. H +/- denotes institutions for which no clear statement can be made. This is the case, for example, if certain programs are offered at an institution that belong to the higher education sector, while others are lower or not accredited according to their duration and level. In such cases, the examination of the individual financial statements is required. A look at the comment on the institution type can provide important additional information in this context.” End of quotation.



If the status of your university H + , congratulations, it will not be an issue with the recognition of your diploma!

If the status of your university is H+/- , it means that some faculties are recognized, some are not. Make it clear – contact the Anerkennung in Deutschland (https://www.anerkennung-in-deutschland.de/html/de/kontakt.php ).

What to do if the status is H- ? First of all, don’t panic. Send an email to Anerkennung in Deutschland (see above) and and ask which options would be most appropriate for you. You will not believe how often exceptions from the rules are being made in Germany! Why are there frequent exceptions from the rules in this country? This phenomenon is called Nach Ermessen.

If the Anerkennung in Deutschland didn’t help, feel free to write me an email. My consultations are for free and do not oblige to collaborate. Together we will definitely come up with something!

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