Jaroslav Plotnikov

About the survey How To Freelance In Germany – Real Stories From The Real People

In this video I share my ideas, why I’d like to ask you to share your story.
Scrolling down you can read about Interview structure.
Here is index of Interview questions.

Hi there,

After 60+ Interviews in Russian I dare to try in English. I undesrand 




1: Short about you –  age, which city / country are ou from? What do you like to do (except of IT)?

2: What is your education? University? College? Self-taught person?

3: What is your nowaday specialisation which brings you most of your income? Who is your employer?

4: How long you’ve bee working as programmer? How long as freelancer? 

5: Is your freelance a full time or  part time? If part time what is the quota of your over freelance generated income? E.g. 20 / 30 / 50% compared to your salary?

6: How it happened that you decided work as freelancer?

7: Is your average monthly brutto:
a) less then €3.302,-  
b) between €3.302,-  and €4.233,-  
c) more then €4.233,- 


8: From today’s perspective – what is the most common misconception about freelance?

9: How it’s happened that you decided to work as freelancer?

9: Which 3 steps you made after your decision to learn how to freelance?

10: What is your opinion to plan? Do you personally do this? What does it give to you? 

10: Have you started as “Kleinunternehmer” or have you take 19% vat from the beginning?

11: What is your insurance company? How much you pay monthly for your medical insurance? Which else insurances do you have?

12: Are you Gewerbetreibender or Freiberufler? Which from those is better and why?

13: Who does the invoicing and bookkeeping? How much do you pay annually?

14: How do you learn / improve your skills – how have you organizedb that particular process?

15: How do you find new assisgnments / customers?

16: hWhat do you think working in Bodyshop? What is the better way to find customers / assignments – by yourself or overrecruiter?

12: In which city do you live now, in which cities you’ve been living in Germany before?



14: Как изменился твой стильжизни когда вышла на рубежь 1000$?


15: What was the 2 biggest obstacles on the way to freelance work? How have you overcome them?

16: If you could advise yourself – what would you do differently (or additionaly or less) ?

17: What helps you to stay buoyant in the hard moments / periods of life?

18: Your part; which questio(s)t would you add to my questions and what is your answer?

19: What is your finality?


19: Лучше  (в интернете) работать наемным работником или на себя?

20: Какие качества характера необходимы, чтобы преуспеть работая онлайн?

21: 2 power tips чтобы преуспеть онлайн -cамые важные 2 действия в начале?


22: Что я не спросил, а ты считаешь существенным?

23: Посоветуй три книги.