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Welcome to 5-questions survey,

my name is Jaroslav Plotnikov. I am a certified migration educator and translator. I work independently and live in Berlin. More about me here

Why this micro-interview?

When IT-professionals from India, Türkey, Russia etc. come to Germany, sometimes they bring ideas and expectations that do not correspond to German reality. They make life unnecessarily difficult for themselves (but also for German employers and colleagues).

The purpose of this survey is to focus on a few important moments in advance so that the mentioned foreign IT-professionals were aware of what German employers expect from them and moreover, some basics about the working conditions and corporate culture in Germany.


5 Questons (according to your own experience):

1: What is the diffference between the good developer and the excellent one?

2: What are 1-2 biggest misconception about the way of working and corporate ethics in Germany that exists in far countries (let’s say in Asia)?

3: What are the 1-3 most important traits of character / habits that one should develop in order to be well prepared for a successful career in Germany?

4: What is the trend – who will be more in demand on the German labour market in the coming years: a specialist or rather all-rounder?

5: Your 2 tips on you can completely ruin your career in Germany? *

*- It’s an ironic question, of course.

“Free Microphone”: Feel free to add any thoughts, ideas or conclusion to this mini-survey, thank you very much!

Please send your answers (including any additions) by email.

I really appreciate the time you took for these questions. Thanks alot for the sharing your knowledge and experience!


Jaroslav Plotnikov
Dipl-Päd. für Migration


Cell: +4915903072498

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10126 Berlin, Germany

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