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Western Union – excellent service for a ridiculous price. Instructions

For a long time I hated and ignored Western Union – due to its prices. In 2015 my opinion changed to 180°. From then on, I’ve been using this provider only


The system is well organized – the receiver gets the cash within minutes (!) after it has been sent. The receiver shows the passport and tells the secret code (MTCN number). That’s it – the receiver gets the cash. But the prices! For the money transfer of 100 Euro (from Germany to Russia) I ‘d have to spend about 15 Euro. Pure rip-off!

My opinion changed radically after I learned about the electronic Western Union money transfer. I could not believe my eyes – the same transfer of 100 Euro proceed online would only cost me 5 Euro! And that’s not all. If you want to send 200, 300, 500, 1000 Euro the service fee remains the same – still the 5 Euro!

Don’t think I was hired by Western Union to do the advertising. I don’t get a dime from them. I have no partner relationship and no partner links. This company has already expanded all over the world. It’s nothing but monopoly and pretty lucrative business. There are also some negative customer reviews. However, my own experience is only positive. So I have decided to summarize a short tutorial on how to send money from Germany outside the European Union fast and cheap.

Before we start, I would like to explain a few things about the prices. The above prices refer to the years around 2010. Meanwhile offline transfer fees have become significantly lower (perhaps because of the cheap online transfer). Here are the prices for today: December 22nd, 2017. Transfer to Russia the sum of €100 costs €9.90; the sum of €200-500 costs €14.90, the sum of €500-750 costs €16.90.

And now attention! Western Union on its website declares that the service fee for the transfer of up to €1500 still costs €5! Conditions: a) the receiver gets the money in cash; b) the sender transfers it from his bank account.  If the sender would prefer to pay by credit card, it will be more expensive. 

And now it’s time to have a look at the whole process so that you see the whole thing ir really no brainer.

First, type the “magic formula” into your browserwestern union deutschland login and you will be on their page in a few seconds. Sign up. As I’m already a registered user, I simply log in and select the desired language, e. g. English. Click on Send money (located on the upper navigation bar to the right of the Western Union WU logo).

Then select the following: the destination country – where the receiver is waiting for the money (item 1 – see the screenshot above), the sum to be transferred in euros (2) and the currency in the destination country (3). This is the national currency or the US dollar. In our example, these are the Russian rubles (RUB) or USD. Select CASH (4). This means that the receiver will get the money in cash and not to his bank account.

On the right side of the screenshot above you can see a detailed overview (6). It is confirmed that 322 EUR will be transferred. This service costs 5 EUR. The receiver gets 21320.81 RUB. Even the “robbery exchange rate” shown there – 66.21 RUB for 1 EUR. Now you understand why this transfer is so cheap? Western Union seems to makes profits with the exchange rates.

“How would you like to pay?” – type of transfer (5) – SOFORT BANKING. Why this option?

Compare the service fees: Transfer by credit card costs more – the difference grows quite fast according to the transfer amount. Both bank transfersregular and instant, cost the same – the mentioned 5 Euro for the transfered sum up to 1500 Euro. I choose SOFORT BANKING (instantbecause the transaction via SOFORT BANKING is done really instantly.

Scroll down and click on Continue. The next page is called Receiver’s information. I don’t have a picture of it because everything is very simple there. The system suggests to select one of the previous recievers or Add a new receiver. Here you have to insert the reciever’s name and his mobile phone number. The mobile phone number is not a must, but I prefer to add it. Just in case. After that you have to fill two values: Purpose of transaction and source of funds. This is probably the only thing I hate about the whole process – these two mandatory entries. In an act of protest, I am entering randomly chosen answers. Complete by clicking on Continue

Now we are on the page Review and Confirm. “This is not a receipt “- informs us of the text (7). Here you should check the accuracy of all your entries – Purpose of Transaction and the Source of Funds (8), the first and last name of the recipient (9) and his/her mobile phone number (10).

Pay attention to the text “Recipients must present government issued ID. Make sure that the recipient’s name matches exactly” (11).

Sorry for pointing out the obvious things. I just want your wire transfer to work perfectly.

Now tick the box of the Terms of Service and click on Accept (12).





After that you have to make the payment. SOFORT BANKING works simply and quickly. That’s really genius.

All you have to do is to enter the name of your bank (13) and the Legitimation-ID (14) and the online-banking PIN (15).

In this case, Legitimation-ID  is the number of your bank account. 

Click on Next and within a few seconds you will receive a confirmation code on your mobile phone via SMS. (Not on recipient’s mobile phone). Enter this confirmation code and the payment is complete.




The next page (s. the screenshot below) shows the Rechnung – which is the payment confirmation. Print it if you wish (s. the printer symbol in the upper right corner). 

Initially I chose English, but the Rechnung-page nevertheless somewhy appears in German (16). Could this be caused by any “deeper” settings? My entire accounting is in German. In order to simplify the tax-reporting, I have set all my accounts like Skype, Paypal etc. to German. Is it the reason for this?

No problem, I translate everything you need to know.

Der Transfer ist abgeschlossen – the transfer is complete. We are in the process of completing the transaction with your bank. After completion we will send you a confirmation by email. You don’t have to do anything until you hear from us. You can check the status of the money transfer at any time in your profile.” (17)

“Anleitung zur Bargeldabholung – cash withdrawal instructions (18): Anastasia (the receiver) needs the following at a Western Union location:
1: Identification document with a photo
2: Transaction number (MTCN)

Western Union Standort (location). The recipient must present an identification document issued by the government. Make sure that the recipient’s name matches exactly with the name in the document.” (20).

Transferbetrag 322 EUR – this is the amount will be transferred. It is in euro according to the official currency in the country of departure). Transfergebühr 5 EUR – service fee for the transfer.

That’s all folks!

I have sent the transaction number (MTCN) to Anastasia by SMS. On the same day she confirmed that she had picked up the money without any problems.

Hopefully this article will help you to save your time and money. If you have any questions or wanna share your experience about Western Union – just drop a line below (this is completely anonymous and can be done without registration).

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  • 1. Angeljah (16-01-2019)

    I followed your instructions and yes that’s true! 5 Euro fee! Thank you for this useful information!

  • 2. JeffreyLarie (02-02-2019)

    I always thought Western Union is too expencieve service. Now I wanna really try it out. Thanks for the useful information!