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Search Ad tutorial – Portal WG-Gesucht

WG-Gesucht – Don’t let the name confuse you. There are not only shared flats (WG), but also a great number of apartments

Screenshot 1a

Screenshot 1b

Brief explanation of terms: Wohnung – Appartment – Vermieter

 To avoid misunderstandings, let’s clarify the terms from above. Particularly in German, when you speak of the Wohnung – it is usually an empty flat. A furnished flat Germans call das Appartement.

When you say studio apartment you probably mean 1-room flatIn Germany, however the word studio, imainly means an artist’s studio.

In Germany 1-Zimmer Wohnung (1-room-flat) it means: studio apartment;
Accordingly 2-Zimmer Wohnung (2-room flat) it means: 1 bedroom flat.

When we speak about Vermieter (landlord), it is not only owner but more the person who chooses you as a tenant. Or or co-decide al least. 

Vermieter can be:

And here we go!

Step 1:

go to WG-Gesucht.  Click on GESUCHE, (request) as shown on screenshots above. And yes, you can change the language to English.

Step 2: Select the desired city

In the category there is difference between 1-Room Flats and Flats. I recommend to take “Flats”. Choose Long Term and click on CONTINUE. At this point you may be asked to log in by the site. I don’t need to explain to you how to sign up. 🙂

Screenshot 2


Step 3: Create subject and text

Screenshot 3a

Even if you have changed the menu language to English, I find it very helpful if you write your search ad in German. The number of responses will be significantly higher. If you are not proficient in the German language, you can ask your tandem partner or your German teacher. You can ask me too. Just send me an email. It is free of charge.

Writing an effective text and subject is truly a science. As a first try, you are welcome to take my text and adopt it for yourself.

Here is the sample subject and the sample text:

Programmierer sucht 1-2 Zi. Wohnung ab 1.März 2018 (um €550,- warm)


1-2 Zi. Wohnung ab dem 1.März 2018 (um €550,- warm) vom Informatiker gesucht



mein Name ist ________ (enter your name or just Nickname). Ich komme aus ____________(your native country). Ich bin bereits in Berlin. (If you are not in Berlin, enter your current city).

Ich arbeite in einer deutschen Firma als software engineer. Ich habe einen unbefristeten Arbeitsvertrag – die Miete wird also pünktlich überwiesen.

Ich bin ausreichend versichert. Ich habe ein deutsches Bankkonto. Eine Haftpflichtversicherung habe ich auch. (This sentence makes a very good impression about you. But you allowed to put this only if you have a liability insurance).

Zum 1. März 2018 suche ich mir eine Wohnung in Berlin. Der Einzugstermin kann abweichen, da ich zur Zeit bei einem Freund wohne und daher sehr flexibel bin. Warmmiete bitte um €550

Meine Traumwohnung wäre: möglichst zentral, ruhig, gute Verkehrsanbindung, Internetanschluss vorhanden oder zumindest technisch machbar.

Bitte alles anbieten – ich beantworte alle Emails und SMS. 

 Ein bisschen über mich: Ich bin ruhiger Typ, weder rauche noch trinke. Ich lerne und arbeite viel am Computer, auch zuhause.  Ich habe keine Allergien und komme mit allen Menschen gut zurecht, obwohl ich nicht super gesellig bin. Im Großen und Ganzen fühle ich mich in Deutschland gut integriert 🙂 

Schufa ist vorhanden, und wird auf Anfrage sofort gemailt. 

Ich freue mich auf Ihre Fragen und Angebote.

Viele Grüße,

Givenname Familiname

Facebook: www.facebook.com/yar.plotnikov  (this is example, put your own instead 🙂  )

My comments about the tips on the website. P. 2 arrows.

Screenshot 3b

First arrow: Ad Text
The tips are in principle not wrong but too general. Of course, you should not overdo the text size. However, too short is also counterproductive. As a foreigner, you are a little too alien to the landlord, too “exotic”. As long as you as a future tenant come from a different culture, he wants to know more about you. And he shall have it. He needs information to “calm him down”, explaining that with all intercultural differences you are a reasonable person.

In my opinion, correct German in your ad would be unproductive. Every German knows how difficult the German language is for foreigners. As in many other countries, Germans are happy when foreigners try to learn their language. No one expects a foreigner to have perfect German skills.An error-free German makes it clear that it is not written by the foreigner himself. In your German search ad the errors are normal or even nice.

By the way, you should not have a bad conscience that you “cheat” the landlord when you publish your advertisement in German. In reality, you’re doing the landlord a favor. Later I will show you how to explain to the landlord that someone helped you with the text. The landlord will be satisfied and you won’t lose your face.

Second arrow points to the Moving out tips. My opinion: I find it very helpful.


Step 4: Add additional information about the apartment and about yourself

Don’t worry if some information from your ad text appears twice.

Desired Location. Districts

Select 2, maximum 3 districts. For example: one that is centrally located, one that is close to your work and one that is just as appealing to you personally. In my case, these are my favorite districts of Berlin: Prenzlauer Berg and Neukölln. I’ve never lived in Alt-Tempelhof, but it looks pretty nice there too.  Here you can find an overview of central districts of Berlin.


Details regarding property

Screenshot 4

I do not recommend to mention that you can move in immediately. In this country, it makes a better impression if you present yourself as a prudent person who is planning, structuring and progressing without hectic pace. Of course, there are sometimes unpredictable situations in life. My tip: make your desired move-in date in 4-8 weeks.

By the way, usually, one moves in at the beginning of the month. In exceptional cases for the 15th. Everything else is not serious.

Max. Rent: Remember that it is almost always the final sum of 50-60 euros a month to pay more than you think. Houstype: select Ether.

Facilities: we want to spread our search as broadly as possible, I recommend to check the first two options: furnished and unfurnished. You can leave all three empty. Others (like Garden, Balcony, Terrace) leave all unchecked.

Next box: “Permission for” – select “All users”.

Name Display Status: the easiest option – your first name and family name.

Telephone / Mobile: even if you don’t speak German, always use your number here. It is not so critical to enter the desired time for contacting, but it is recommended. Logical would be the period after work until 10-11 pm. For most landlords, it makes a good and respectable impression. And that’s exactly what we want to achieve, right?

I do not need to explain the mandatory fields with *. Enter real answers and that’s it.

Hobbies. Sports: If you are a true football fan or if you like to go to a gym, check the appropriate boxes. Otherwise, select Running only.

Hobbies. Music: I don’t recommend selecting anything here. You have to appear like a quiet tenant. You’re not making any noise. Most landlords want exactly that – a quiet tenant who pays on time and does not cause stress. Your task now – look according to the landlord’s expectations.

Languages: English of course. Your mother tongue too. You can check German if you have at least A1.2 level. Otherwise, don’t mention it. Only later after you receive a message from Vermieter, you can explain that someone has helped you to create your ad in German.

I smoke – this is not about whether you smoke or not. It’s whether you smoke in the apartment or not. If in reality the landlord himself is a smoker, he will probably tolerate this. If not, you can smoke in the courtyard or on the balcony. So my tip: obligatory choose Non-Smoker.

Okay, finally everything filled in. Now tick the box “Yes I accept the terms of use” and press CREATE REQUEST.

You’ll be transfered to the next page. Quality-check says that some things are missing, especially pictures. Pictures are very important, please select them carefully.

Step 5: Pictures

Screenshot 5

The logic is simple: imagine you are an elderly man or woman who owns or manages the property. Does he/she want to see your wild parties and crazy things? No. He/she wants to see a “normal” person – who has studied diligently, works diligently, pays tax… In a word – a sane man.

As for me, you can be an eccentric, you try every conceivable thing in life and love the wildest parties. But… remember, now you’re looking for a good apartment at a reasonable price, right?

Maybe you are inspired by my selection of pictures?

Screenshot 6

 Ich habe folgende Bilder ausgewählt:

I have selected the following pictures:

1: The picture shows me clearly. At the same time it is not a boring passport photo.

2: Here I get my university diploma. If you ever graduated, why not show this to the landlord?

3: My text says that I like to work at home. This picture illustrates this.

4: Another diploma (one day I became a diving instructor)

5: Diving in Australia. The hidden message of the last pictures: instead of lazy hanging around, I study, work and spend my free time traveling and doing sports. No drug scene, punk concerts and other dubious activities.

6: Another picture of me that I just like. My face is clearly visible.

Remember to SAVE CHANGES.

Screenshot 7

Profile Pic

Last but not least – the small profile picture on the menu bar.

It’s very easy – just click on your profile name at the top right, then click on My Profile and follow the instructions.

Screenshot 8

 In fact, all you needed were only 5-6 simple pictures, where you are clearly visible and shown from the good side. Nothing more.

You can now view your completed wanted ad.

Everything seems to be ready. We’re done!

As soon as your search ad has been activated, the WG-Gesucht sends an automatic confirmation. (screenshot below).

Screenshot 9

Finally, I’ll show you how to manage your ads. First way: click on the link in the confirmation email – My WG-Wanted – manage your Ads online. Second way: directly to WG-Searched – click on your profile name at the top right, then select My Ads. Then click on MANAGE MY ADS.


Screenshot 10

As you can see, all your ads are listed here. You can edit, activate/deactivate or delete each one. That’s it, finally! Questions?



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