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Welcome to my experimental site. Yes, I like to experiment. I am for healthy minimalism and orientation to measurable results.

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Migration consultant, author,  translator, diving instructor, eccentric person with a passion for absurd humour.

Studied German and English philology at the Herzen University St.Petersburg. In 1999 I moved to Germany to study Intercultural Education and Migration in Oldenburg. After graduation I decided to stay in Germany and in 2008 I registered Ozago –  a consulting service for young people who intend to study in Germany.

I am inspired by – travels, life in the flow, the underwater world, yoga, zen and life design.

Born and grew up in Sochi, then followed unforgettable years in St. Petersburg, since the millennium I have been living in Germany. Since 2009 my homeport is Berlin. / Berlin is my homeport since 2009.

Doing what I love – supporting people to move over the borders and go over limits. What I mostly appreciate in people is authenticity and faithfullness to their goals and dreams. My favorite fable is about a monk and a coin .

What am I doing now? See my “now” page, which changes often.


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