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Test your German in 20 minutes by Goethe-Institut

Within 20 to 30 minutes you can roughly estimate your German level

Picture: Goethe Institut e.V.

 The Goethe-Institut (non-profit German cultural association) is the most well-known institution for learning the German language. Most positive feedback on the Internet relates to this association with its foreign missions in 159 countries.

This rapid online test is more like a toy. But he does what promises on the website – he gives you the first orientation of “how well you can understand written and spoken German, the following questions will test your knowledge of German grammar and vocabulary”. The whole fun takes about 20 to 30 minutes. In the end you get the number of correct and wrong answers.

Test Structure (see above screenshot)

1: This is the process indicator, it shows how far you have progressed in the test. The test consists of 30 questions.

2: This picture is a special offer of German Railways and not a Google advertisement. It’s part of the test. You must read, understand and select related answers.

3: You can select one answer per block only. For words that are not predefined, several synonyms of the correct word are already saved in the system.

4: You can navigate with the buttons Zurück and Weiter.

There are altogether 30 questions. Questions not only include special offers of tickets, but also texts, fragments of newspaper articles, a sign in the department store and multimedia: like short 1-minute audios as shown in the screenshot below:


At the end of the test, your score will look like this:

By the way, my score was 28 points out of 30 possible. Well, nobody’s perfect. 28 out of 30, it’s about 90%, right?

The test is not difficult. It is more likely to be self-evaluation. Click here to start.

Now I wonder which language level my result corresponds to? To convert these points into Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, use this table.

Well, what level did you reach? Feel free to write your comment below. If your German level too low, don’t be embarrassed. The comments are anonymous.

I am really curious about your score, your country and your age. Thanks in advance for sharing!

By the way, I come from Russia and started German when I was 25 years old. A loooong time ago:)


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