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Anmeldung, amtliche Meldebestätigung, erweiterte Meldebescheinigung, polizeiliche Meldebescheinigung – explained quick and easy

Anmeldung, Ummeldung, Meldebestätigung, – in 5 minutes you will understand the differences

Еinfache Meldebescheinigung vs. erweiterte Meldebescheinigung

Anmeldung is a process of registering a residence in the Residents’ Registration Office (Anwohnermeldeamt or Bürgeramt*). Two residences, main residence and secondary residence (Hauptwohnsitz und Nebenwohnsitz) you can registered without any problems. This happens, for example, if you live in one place, but work in another place. In this case we speak of the main dwelling and secondary dwelling (Hauptwohnung und Nebenwohnung). The second residence has to be taxed – currently 5% of the Netto rent.

Anmeldung (registration), Ummeldung (re-registration) and Abmeldung (deregistration) – all this is the legal obligation. ( Bundesmeldegesetz (BMG). )

According to Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), a Meldebestätigung is “certificate confirming the one’s permanent registration”. Therefore it serves as proof of the registration. Together with a passport, it is regarded as official proof of the holder’s address and can therefore replace the identity card. 

Meldebestätigung (registration certificate) will be issued by Anwohnermeldeamt after registration. Theoretically, you should ask for that certificate, because the official only has to register you. But in reality, you get this document “automatically”. Meldebestätigung, also called Anmeldebestätigung or Meldebescheinigung

I can imagine that you might be overwhelmed by so many German technical terms. Don’t worry about it. First, I’ll explain the main term (i.e. Meldebestätigung) and its synonyms (Anmeldebestätigung, Meldebescheinigung). And for the sake of clarity and simplicity in the following I use only the main term. You can always look up the meaning of other terms  in the GLOSSARY. (Opened in the new tab).

 As a rule, you will receive the Meldebestätigung free of charge. If this document has been lost,for reissuing you can eventually count with the fee around € 15, depending on Bundesland.

The statutory reporting requirement for Anmeldung is 2 weeks. Officials are usually liberal, especially if you are a foreign newcomer. Nevertheless, I recommend to make an immediate effort to register. In large cities, one can expect very long waiting times. In Berlin you can easily wait 4-6 weeks for your Termin (appointment). Termin can be made directly at Anwohnermeldeamt or Bürgeramt.

Anwohnermeldeamt is often located within the BürgeramtAnwohnermeldeamt is often used as a synonym for the Bürgeramt. Strictly speaking, it is not the same. However often the Anwohnermeldeamt is located within the Bürgeramt. In the following I mainly use the term Bürgeramt.

You can also request for the Termin online. Google after the following keyword: “bürgeramt YOUR CITY Termin online”. The English interface is often missing on the pages of the administrative authorities. The simplest and most effective way – surfing with Chrome and translating the German language page with the right click.

Erweiterte Meldebescheinigung

Once, during a delivery of Anmeldung (however in this case it was called Meldebescheinigung), I was asked if I would like an erweiterte Meldebescheinigung (extended registration certificate). Being curious, I agreed. So I learned that you can get an extended registration certificate without paying for it. If you look at the screenshots above, you will see both documents “normal” and extended registration certificatee compared:

1: Registration address – 1a: main residence and 1b: secondary residence (in my case equal)

2: move-in date – move-in date

3: Last name, First name – 3a: Current name  3b: Former name (in my case not equal)

Extras, which are only available in the Extended Registration Certificate:

4: Date and place of birth

5: Citizenship

6: Marital status.




*- Explanations of all German expressions in this article can be found in  GLOSSARY 

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