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A receipt makes your cash-payment safe. How to fill out the Quittung

Paying rent or deposit in cash – ALWAYS ask for the receipt. Always.




I assume you’re a reasonable person. I mean a healthy attitude to financial expenses. Keep them as low as possible. We want to protect our money, don’t we? I am a supporter of security, especially when it comes to our own finances. That’s why I couldn’t ignore the subject of reseipt confirmatiom.

Quittung (receipt) confirms that someone has received a certain amount of money in cash. That means, a receipt is the payment confirmation that has legal force

Why some people don’t have the courage to demand receipt of a payment? Because of false modesty? Or simply because one isn’t nproperly informed?

Actually, it’s quite simple! The magical formula would be: “Excuse me, can you please issue a receipt? I feel safer when this payment is documented“.

According to the widespread stereotype, Germans should be a pragmatic and logical people. That’s true, at least in part. Therefore, your wish to document the payment would be accepted by the vast majority of payment receivers with understanding or even respect. 

By the way, after I moved to Germany, it struck me that the documents here have not been sealed so often. In my own country (Russia), almost every document must bear a signature and a seal. It is not the case here.  In Germany the signature has a greater legal force and in many cases is sufficient without a stamp

Once again, ALWAYS let all cash payments be confirmed. In 99% of cases, your polite and consistent request will be accepted with full understanding. If someone doesn’t want to put his signature on properly filled payment receipt, that must switch an alarm level one in your head.

More likely is the scenario that the payment recepient does not have a receipt sheet with him, but would agree to write the Quittung manually.

Now you can shine! With a “tadaaa” you pull the prepared Quittung form and let it fill in. Ask him to write typing in block letters. Argue that you are a foreigner and would like to have the text as clearly as printed.

Filling instructions

First, buy the receipt book in an office supplies store. If the seller does not speak English, show him the screenshots from this article.

Or download the Quittungsbeleg-BLANCO here.

As you can see, the rest is no brainer. Just a child’s play. Write the amount in words (without cents).

An example. Imagine, Donald Trump visited Germany for a month to attend a German language course. In the January 2018 he lived in a house of Angela Merkel. So he payed a rent (Miete) in advance. In cash. Look at the picture. Mr. Trump GAVE the money. Mr. Trump gets from Mrs. Merkel the original of the Quittung.

The signature in the lower right corner convinces that Mrs. Merkel RECEIVED the money from Mr. Trump. So Mrs. Merkel gets a copy of this Quittung. (In Fact, it is not necessary. However, I always recommend copying documents that you have signed. Thus you will get less unpleasant surprises in the future).

That’s it for today. Any questions? Any comments?

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  • 1. Roman (02-12-2018)

    “The Donald Trump in this case is the one who gave the money. Mr. Trump got the original of this Quittung.

    The signature in the lower right corner (Mrs. Merkel) is the one who *gave* the money to Mr. Trump.”

    Who has received money Merkel or Trump?

    • 2. JP (02-12-2018)


      Roman, thanks a lot for your comment! I am pleased to see, that people not only “scroll” but READ my articles. In fact, I made a mistake, but after your comment I corrected it. Is it all right, clear and correct now?