Jaroslav Plotnikov

The Teachings of Sensei Orange

I read this episode in some book about marketing and personal growth. I wish I could remember its title and the author. I hope you enjoy this fable as I did.

Picture copyrights: Dr. Michael Hunter

One day the master asked his student – Why do you look so sad?

The young man replied – I am indeed in a bad mood. Today on the way here I was getting wet from the rain, people have mocked me. I’ve got a sore throat. My son’s got very bad grades lately. At work, there’s the new boss who is unfair to me. Besides, my wallet has been lost. How can you be in a good mood after all this?

The master said – Here I have some oranges. Take one and crush it with your foot. What’s coming out?

– Orange juice.

– Good. Now throw the orange against the wall. What’s coming out?”

– Orange juice.

– All right. Now smash the orange with the hammer. What’s coming out?

– Orange juice.

The master smiled gently: “No matter what you try to do to the orange, it always has the same answer – orange juice. How do you respond to the pokes of life? What is your orange juice?”

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