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IT Work in Germany: The best job boards 2018

Where do you have a better chance of finding many IT offers that are relevant to me? Here is the top 10


This article is a shortened translation of the following original German article by Gerhard Kenk, Crosswater Job Guide (crosswater-job-guide.com/archives/68925)

The best job boards 2018: Stepstone and Indeed claims, jobvector shines, Social Media Recruiting slows down

In a nutshell:

Seldom have German employers faced major challenges in their search for employees: demographic change, a shortage of skilled workers and increasingly choosy candidates. These difficult conditions are accompanied by a labyrinth of potential recruitment channels, including more than 1.000 online job exchanges alone.

Compared to the previous year, the job exchanges improved their overall satisfaction ranking to 4.52 (from 4.21 in the previous year). The satisfaction ranking on a scale of 1=not good at all to 7=very good.

As in the previous year, the job- and career fair confirmed its standing in the popularity of applicants and scored 4.47 points, a slight decline of 0.24 average points. Social media as a recruiting channel has a difficult position in the dissatisfaction of job seekers, this channel scored only 3.69 points.

Stepstone won first place among the generalists, Indeed.de improved to rank 2 and replaced the XING job market, which landed on rank 3.

Source: jobboersen-kompass.de

In order to achieve a statistically valid evaluation, the initiators of the Jobbörsen-Kompass have developed a unique analysis scheme. This takes into account and weights the candidate ratings, broken down into the categories satisfaction, search quality and recommendation rate, as well as their relative number and the monthly reach of the individual job portals. “In order to create a truly realistic picture of candidate favor and thus a real basis for decision making for HR departments, it was important to us to work statistically properly and to reproduce each provider accurately in the way the candidate judges him to be,” Gerhard Kenk explains this meticulous approach, which also differs in form from other evaluation portals.

The king way to the candidates

Ultimately, the key performance indicators are as follows

two quantitative facts that recruiters should definitely take into account when selecting job boards. (The Crosswater Job Market Directory provides a comprehensive overview, divided into over 40 target groups.)

About the author Gerhard Kenk

Gerhard Kenk is founder and managing director of the HR news portal Crosswater Job Guide and has been observing the complex market of digital recruiting since 2000. In the Crosswater Job Exchange Register, applicants and employers find profiles of over 1,200 job exchanges with the most important features such as number of job advertisements or monthly reach. In addition, the job exchange directory is divided into more than 40 differentiated target groups http://crosswater-job-guide.com/jobborsen-von-a-z/nach-zielgruppen-brancheberuf .

A current survey among employers and applicants (Jobboersen-kompass.de) aims to empirically determine the satisfaction and recommendation of job exchange users. All results of the survey are available online at: http://jobboersen-kompass.de/ergebnisse


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