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How I furnished my room – for €37,89 all inclusive

I’m going tell you how I have furnished my room. I only spent €37.89 for sofa, bed, desk, two small and one large wardrobe. Delivery included. How was that possible?

Short prehistory. Back in Berlin from a long journey I got a large room in my friend’s apartment. The only thing what sucked – the room was completely empty. I urgently needed furniture

My solution was Ebay Kleinanzeigen. I’ve known this platform for a long time but thanks to my Italian friend Gianni I found out that there is a huge offer of absolutely free stuff

If you want to browse there too, go to www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de At the top left you will find the section What are you looking for? (item 1). Then you choose your city e.g. Berlin (2).

Click on Alle Kategorien to open a list. Go down until Zu Verschenken & Tauschen (To giveaway & swap), then right –Zu Verschenken (To give away, item 3). Here you are! By the way, you can also search in a particular district of your city (4).

Want to switch to English? There is no English language provided, but if you use the Chrome browser you can translate the whole page with 2 clicks into English. First a right click and then simply choose Translate to English (see the small screenshot on the left).

It’s really nobrainer. Look at the pictures and contact the providers directly. They’ll be happy when you pick up their stuff. Free of charge.

Within two days I found everything I needed – a sofa, a tabletop with two bucks, a bed, a mattress, a dresser, a small and a large wardrobe (see picture at the top). Everything in good condition. I have always strictly agreed on this requirement – if the thing is shabby, broken or stinking, I would not pick it up. All the providers were honest. All these people lived in different streets, but in my neighbourhood. Was it good luck?

Now the question of transportation came up. How do I get all these furniture into my apartment? It is impossible to carry a sofa or bed home with the public transportation…

After an intensive but short search I found two cheapest car rentals in my city (Berlin). The first one was all known Robben & Wientjes. Die Zweite war weniger bekannt und hieß Enterprise Rent-A-Car. It quickly became my favourite. And you know why? While by Robben & Wientjes the transporter per day (7am-6pm) cost 39 euro, the Enterprise Rent-A-Car offered the same bus for 22 euro for 24 hours!  Full flexibility! Isn’t it awesome?

I rented the van on 3.11.16 at 4pm. To picked it up I only needed two things – my driver’s license class B and 272 Euro deposit. It was Fiat Ducato and had two passenger seats next to the driver. So both of my helpers could be on board.

Thanks to my buddies, we picked up all the furniture within seven hours and moved it up to my third floor. Without them I couldn’t possibly carry everything. Not a chance.

When we were finished, it was already late – 11 pm. We we were tired. It was the right decision to rent the car for 24 hours. First of all, I didn’t have to hurry. I could drive slowly and carefully. Secondly, after we were finished, I was able to park the car in front of my house and go to bed. I had time until 4 pm next day

The next day, well rested I drove back to the car rental. On the way I had to fill up for 10 euro. To be on the safe side, I filled up a little more fuel than I really needed. I returned the car without any complications. Everything went easily.

Total price calcification:

Bus ticket from my house to the car rental and back 2,80 x 2 = €5,60
Rent for the bus = €21,98.
Diesel = €10,31.
Total: €37,89.

I didn’t take rates for my helpers into account. Friends can be catered for without money, right?

Due to the better visibility I have not mentioned many details here. If you have any questions, feel free to write me in comments below or directly to me. I would be happy if the information above could help you.

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