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IT Work in Germany – American FUNCTION / SKILLS RESUME

How to present your CV in the best way if you have a short work experience? The answer is: Function / Skills resume

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What is similar between American Function/Skills and Chronological formats

The beginning is similar – the information about the sender comes first. Write your name in bold capital letters without any abbreviations, your current phone number in international standard and your email.




Right after the sender’s contact details comes the desired position (Carreer Objective).


Career Objective / Position desired

In the career objective you describe your area of responsibility and list your areas of activities. Describe them in two-three sentences or in four-five points.

After that comes a list of your different skills and abilities (Skills Section). They are subordinated to the career objective

Skills section

Here you name the things that qualify you as a specialist. Skills Section is formed by:

  • Summary of Qualifications
  • Area of Accomplishments
  • Area of Expertise
  • Skills and Abilities.

Ideally, a common thread should be clearly visible in all these listings. It is recommended that a logical relationship between you and the desired working position be created. Most relevant issues come first. 

The more specific examples with facts and figures you give, the better impression you make as a strong candidate for that job. The employer should immediately get the feeling that you are exactly the right person for this job vacancy.


In function / skills resume your professional experience is structured according to individual skills (not chronologically!), e.g.:

  • Management experience
  • Customer support experience
  • Sales experience
  • Leadership experience
  • Teaching experience

Each of these areas receives 4-5 sub-points: your professional experience and work accomplishments, which can be interesting in relation to the desired position.

Exaple for Management experience:

– Supervised…
– Planned…
– Directed…
– Trained..

This skills structure helps to make lack of long work experience or gaps in your professional career invisible.


The previous jobs or current job comes up after these sections. Please remember to enter your the job title, the information about the employer(s), add any data that you consider to be relevant.

Some experts recommend that you also enter some dates in the skills resume, e.g:


  • Full stack RoR developer, Central Bank Warsaw, 2016-2017
  • Webdeveloper, PepsiCo India, Gurgaon – 122002, Haryana, 2015-2016
  • Programmer, Alibaba Group, Mumbai, 2014-2015 


Feel free to require any additional information about the resumes, ask a question or just write some of your thoughts, and good luck with your job hunting!

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  • 1. Jayman (20-04-2018)

    You should include your permanent home address in the contact information as well.
    Your experiences are highlighted based on how recent they are. In other words, the most recent comes first down, then the more recent, down to the last.
    In highlighting your work experiences, your achievements should be highlighted (not your job description), which would be introduced by past tense verbs.
    Your resume should including referees/references.

  • 2. Anne Brian (20-04-2018)

    You have given good points about both resume format in a good summary, Although the chronological format is the easiest to create and the most widely used, the functional resume format is an opportunity to highlight skills that you possess that match the criteria of the job you want no matter where those skills were learned or acquired if it is well crafted. Personally, I don’t add dates to functional resume because it might be a set back when the days of the work experience are too far.Only the year might be added. It is better to leave the months out of the functional resume.

  • 3. Maxi Peak (20-04-2018)

    I have gone through the whole article and by my standard it meets the standard of the purpose.

  • 4. mursi (20-04-2018)

    my opinion:
    Have gaps in their work history.
    Are reentering the workforce.
    Have frequently changed jobs.
    Are looking to transition into new careers.

  • 5. azhar (20-04-2018)

    all things are fine and perfect

  • 6. Ather J. (20-04-2018)

    Most companies conduct a thorough screening process involving both computerized and human reviews; this process typically includes the following stages:

    1. THE ONLINE/E-RESUME SCREENING: Many companies, professionals, and recruiters utilize online networking and social media Websites. Additionally, some mid- to large-sized companies continue to use internal resume databases (aka Applicant Tracking Systems) or Internet resources for storing and screening applicant information. To get noticed in the online or electronic scanning and networking process, your resume must be specially formatted and also leverage industry-specific keywords and phrases to be selected.

    2. THE BRIEF SCAN: Hiring managers, upon initial review, will perform a brief 10-15 second scan to determine if a candidate appears to meet the majority of the requirements. This is why a powerful summary of skills or a concise first page is critical.

    3. THE IN-DEPTH REVIEW: Next, employers scrutinize the details of your resume for relevant skills and strengths to warrant an interview. Lacking detail of daily responsibilities and key projects, you may be relegated to the “no interest” stack as employers weigh the need for more information versus their time allotted for interviews.

  • 7. Ngina17 (21-04-2018)

    I particularly agree with the format as it is not too busy and it is very formal,precise and organized which reflect a good picture of the applicant.

  • 8. daresumecv (21-04-2018)

    It is usually a page resume.
    It is also called Reverse-chronological,the recruiters finds it more appealing than the other two types of resume.Again,it is always patronized by Recruiters when employing Senior Executive Officers.
    Main Benefit; Shows information recruiters want to know about job positions and activities Displays key skills needed for the new position Includes the best features of both formats: work history, skills, and achievements
    Main Downside The lack of experience is more obvious than in other formats Recruiters may not favor it, as it isn’t straightforward about previous jobs Ma

  • 9. ADESINA (21-04-2018)

    I would suggest usage of Technical knowledge and Skills format .
    Provided it is an IT cv with little or no experience.

    You were using CV and Resume in context of same Application document; Reverse should be the case.
    The grammatical construction of the whole article is not consistent.
    Few typos cited
    Position desired should be beside the name
    You did not indicate Professional summary/Profile summary
    All CVs are in chronological order.

  • 10. Olivia729 (21-04-2018)

    I think your pattern of resume is good but you missed two main headings that are necessary ..
    1) Social work(Welfare society that you joins must mention)
    2)curricular activities you must mention while you are designing resume..

  • 11. Wendy James (21-04-2018)

    My name is Wendy James, (wendyjames108).

    Your article is very good but there are some areas that need improvement:
    First, the objective statement is currently outdated under resume writing, and should be replace with Profile Summary/Executive Summary.

    Your article will also looks more interesting to read if you can gives explanation on job description in the professional experience section. A lot of people don’t know how to structure that correctly.

    Those are the areas that will make your article more attractive to read. I shall be expecting your feedback on fiverr.


  • 12. Cristian (27-07-2018)

    Great Post, Finding a way to build my CV is something I really had to struggle with, it’s hard to find out what to keep or remove, to have it up to date

    • 13. Jaroslav (28-07-2018)


      Thanks Cristian, feel free to contact me as soon as you wanna send your CV to employers. I have a great specialists – proofreader for CVs in English and in German