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Arbeitsagentur – I – Federal Employment Office – Job search in IT-branch

Within 59 seconds you can find exact numbers of open job positions in Germany



Federal Employment Office – 1 000 000 +  vacancies

This article is mainly written for people from the IT industry. However, these explanations and tips are also applicable to job seekers in other professions. Within a few minutes you will know how to find vacant jobs, internships and freelance positions. Even if you are currently not in Germany and have no papers or registration you still can search and contact German employers.

The Federal Employment Office (Arbeitsagentur) is the most comprehensive platform for job searches. There are more than 800 Job Employment Offices all over Germany. And all the vacancies will be posted in this huge portal. This free resource is visited by 66.8% of all job seekers nationwide. Private job portals are incomparably far behind.

Employers are well informed about these numbers of job seekers. The new offers therefore published regularly on.

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Here is my suggestion: why not to play a kind of game and check suitable job offers within only 59 seconds? You’ll learn how to check open positions in any German town.  You also learn how to filter job offers which require English language skills.

First let’s get to www.arbeitsagentur.de. Do not change language, leave it in German. There’s a reason for thatUnder a suitcase symbol you’ll see the word Jobsuche (s. small screenshot). Click on it once.

A new page opens (s. big screenshot above). In the text field Wo? you type the desired city (figure 1). Let’s just leave that field empty and see search results all over Germany. The first result – town of Karben and its postcode  – 61184 (figure 3).

Into the text field Was? (figure 2) we type keywords such as php or mysql. You can enter up to 3 keywords at once. The search results are immediately visible – 3876 positions all together. They summarize by 264 Ausbildung positions, 94 internship positions, 35 Selbständigkeit (self-employment) positions (figure 4). Selbständigkeit here means “freelance”.

Translations and technical terms you’ll find in the GLOSSARY.

The filters are located in the left column. Let’s take a closer look at some of them (just the most important ones).

Veröffentlicht seit –  “Released since”, heute – “today”, Woche – “week”, alle – “all”. If you limit the time span, let’s say up to 4 weeks, the number of digits decreases accordingly, from 3876 to 2251.

A little down under Befristung you see Unbefristet (1612). This is the number of positions with an unlimited contract duration. Befristet (86) are positions with a fixed-term contracts. Probationary period in Germany usually lasts up to 6 months.

Arbeitszeitmodell. For you work in IT branch, in Arbeitszeitmodell only two options are suitable for youVollzeit (full-time) and Teilzeit (part-time) employment.

Personaldienstleister is the last filter which worth your attention. Ohne private Arbeitsvermittlung means “without intermediary”. Zeitarbeit – is a form of employment, when they temporarily hire you in different companies. Arbeitsvermittlung – is a (recruiter) agency. In comparison to Zeitarbeit, Arbeitsvermittlung only collect the one-off commission for those workers they mediated to employers.

And now there is a small challenge for you. Go to www.arbeitagentur.de, enter in the Was?  field some of your skills such as PHP or MySQL or anything you are good of or willing to learn (figure 2). Maximum of three keywords per search. Check the results all over Germany of the last 4 weeks.

How many open positions were shown after your search regquest? I’m curious about your comments or questions about this article. Feel free to share your thoughts below. Thank you!


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